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Belgian football / Talents Hunter.. by Thorgan Lesar

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TALENTS OUTSIDE BIG FIVE - BY @Kierans91 First 15 talents... Johan Hove (19 years old, Strømsgodset) Georgios Vagiannidis (18 years old, Panathinaikos) Ajdin Hasic (18 years old, B

PREDICTIONS ARGENTINA Boca Juniors Esteban Andrada (29) - 87... + 1 to 88 ... YES Franco Soldano (25) - 84... + 1 to 85 Jorman Campuzano (23) - 83... + 1 to 84 ... + 2 to 85 Nicolas Capaldo (

Predictions Jupiler Pro League Watch out: these predictions are after 20 games. Still a lot can happen ! For the first time I predict downgrades, but we're close to the Winter. Possibly some play

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Kristian Arnstad
Club - RSC Anderlecht
Age - 17
Positions - DM, M(C)
Nationality - Norway

The young Norwegian was allowed to make his debut at Stabæk at a very young age after having 9 goals and 16 assists in the u19 team. He even became better known internationally. In the end it was RSC Anderlecht who took him away.

He is a technically very skilled player and reads the game very well. He will not immediately be part of the first team of RSC Anderlecht. He will train with them from time to time, but still needs time to adjust.

As said Arnstad is technically good, but is also quite fast, good in the short spaces and can play himself out of the hustle and bustle of the opponent quite elegantly. He also likes to look for depth on the field and also has a good overview of the field.

Arnstad still needs to work a little more on the timing of his passes. He needs to grow even more in understanding when to send the pass and at the right time. He can do even better physically, but that makes sense as a youngster.

He also has a strong personality and is not afraid to take responsibility. Not surprising, because he is also often the leader of the young generation of Norway.


SM - N/A
Value - N/A

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Belgium vs Iceland 5-1

Casteels (Simon Mignolet 56'); Alderweireld, Denayer, Vertonghen; Meunier, Witsel, De Bruyne (Hans Vanaken 81'), T.Hazard (Yari Verschaeren 65'); Mertens, Doku; Batshuayi

1-1 Axel Witsel
2-1 Mitchy Batshuayi
3-1 Dries Mertens
4-1 Mitchy Batshuayi
5-1 Jérémy Doku

First start, first goal.


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20 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

I love football, but I also love music. You can analyse serious things about football, but the important thing is that it's still fun to do. Music is one of the parameters that helps in such things. 

You can scroll further while listening. :)

That soundtrack is outstanding. Fantastic film!

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On 8/6/2020 at 11:50 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Manuel Ugarte
Club - CA Fénix
Age - 19
Positions - DM, M(C)
Nationality - Uruguay

The positions are in the database a bit wrong.

Manuel Ugarte mostly plays as a defensive midfielder for both CA Fénix and the youth teams of Uruguay. He likes to play as a deep lying playmaker, as he both likes to get into possession in the first phase of the build up and to be able to defend well.

The Uruguayan midfielder is a very good passer and is able to play out of pressure very well. However, he could be able to utilize this quality way more by being more active in the first phase of the build-up and switching sides quicker.

The 19-year-old midfielder, born in the capital of Uruguay, has great passing ability. Ugarte likes to play it forward and always looks for options in front of him. He is a very accurate passer and has good vision to spot his teammates in space. Manuel Ugarte spots the man in space before he receives the ball and always picks out the right pass. He is at all times aware which is a great skill to have.

Manuel Ugarte is not the player that will create a lot of chances every match, but he is certainly a player that can support the other midfielders to create chances.

The 19-year-old midfielder likes to run with the ball, but at times he could be more aggressive in his runs to really progress up the pitch, rather than a few meters.


Manuel Ugarte is one of the most exciting players in Uruguay at the moment and he has a bright future ahead of him. The 19-year-old midfielder is already ready to move to Europe and I think that he would fit very well in the Belgian league, which can be described as a league in which both technical ability and physical ability are quite important.

To conclude, I think that Manuel Ugarte already is a very good player and that he is capable to improve on his slight weaknesses in a better league that has more intensity.

40 games in total (1 goal) with CA Fénix.

SM - 73
Value - € 300K

Rose a couple of days ago with + 7 to 80

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Barbosa Evanilson
Club - FC Porto
Age - 20
Position - A(C)
Nationality - Brazil

This Brazilian attacker is currently surprising in the Brazilian top class. Fluminense leased him to Tombense where he made such an impression that FC Porto signed him very recently for a price of € 7.5 million.

He is a very complete attacker with many qualities. He is very agile and quite fast. He is strong in combination with his teamplayers, has great acceleration and great technique on the ball.

He is good in possession as well as in countering games. He can bring depth to the game as well as be dangerous when a pass is sent into the depth. That is a unique quality of this Evanilson.

Evanilson sometimes wants to play a bit too hastily when he gets into the space of the truth, but with a little training by a good coach, Evanilson also gets better at this.


17 games with Fluminense (8 goals, 1 assist)

SM - 78
Value - € 2M

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On 7/24/2020 at 2:59 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Darwin Nuñez
Club - UD Almeria
Age - 21
Position - AM(RL), A(RLC)
Nationality - Uruguay

The Uruguayan of UD Almeria makes a big impression in the Spanish 2nd class. He moves very well without the ball and has an instinct to choose the right positions as an attacker.

Being able to handle the space he gets and finishing the chances is one of Nuñez's strongest points.

Now if he takes steps again, in the collective game, Nuñez becomes a good player.


AS Roma and SSC Napoli already expressly show interest in the attacker. I will follow this closely so that you know when to buy him in the game.

30 games in Segunda Division (16 goals, 2 assists)

SM - 82
Value - € 2.4M

You guys already know Nuñez signed for SL Benfica, but here again a report I made about him.

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On 9/4/2020 at 12:13 AM, thorgan lesar said:

Tomorrow I'm adding 77 players in my list where I have that list position by position, like I've said. @jaybee

Tomorrow my view on the first 4 matchdays in the Belgian Jupiler Pro League. @olivier 1 


now 😴

@jaybee Just to let you know I'm trying my best to work so fast as I can..

My database is made by just 2 categories, like in which country and in which team they play plus their statics of course.

I'm refreshing it, new lay-out, but this "Position by Position"-list will take a while... 😕

I've done 749 players already. 

Do you want a sneak peek for the long wait or are you someone who wants all in once ?

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14 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

@jaybee Just to let you know I'm trying my best to work so fast as I can..

My database is made by just 2 categories, like in which country and in which team they play plus their statics of course.

I'm refreshing it, new lay-out, but this "Position by Position"-list will take a while... 😕

I've done 749 players already. 

Do you want a sneak peek for the long wait or are you someone who wants all in once ?

I'm happy to wait to the finished article.

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