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Football Worldwide Talents (FWT) and Belgian (JPL)/American (MLS) Football

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On 12/10/2020 at 12:28 AM, jaybee said:

I've heard good things about him.

Q1.1. Elaborate your previous answer (without over hyping) for a further.     5 marks. ☺

On 12/10/2020 at 8:26 PM, Kieran_S91 said:

Folarin Balogun (19) taking his chance yet again in the Europa league capping his sub appearance with a goal and assist.

England and the US will surely be fighting for his nationality in years to come.

Just needs minutes in the league now!


🤔 He'd probably be better of  representing "United" States of America: he'd have a much better chance of (one day) breaking through to the first eleven, given the amount of talent coming through for the four lion's. 

P.S. "United" is in quotes marks - because it's a Country that seems dis-united at the best of times. 

9 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

U15 - U18 Worldwide Talents...

9. Ryan Gravenberch (18 years old, Ajax FC)


Gravenberch is making big impressions in Ajax this season and is already an international. FC Barcelona is already interested in him. Excited for more.


I reckon he be a great little addition to Koemander's Barça side. They could do with someone who's able to play (very well) in the box-to-box role. 

I'm surprised that his market value is just under 10M. Although, I'm sure Raiola will try to squeeze Barça for much more though. 🤑

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3 hours ago, topofthebilly said:

El bilal toure got somewhat of a low raise imo . 82 and he is 11M on transfermarket .

I am thinking of selling him just because sm does not seem to value him induvidually , and his team is not performing well either (bottom of the rankings) .


I would sell him for the points you’ve made, Reims are not the same team this season and lack that solid defence foundation they had last season with Disasi.

Reims have conceded 22 goals after 13 games this season, they only conceded 26 out of 28 games last season 😂 Massive difference!!

3 hours ago, Milanista1 said:


🤔 He'd probably be better of  representing "United" States of America: he'd have a much better chance of (one day) breaking through to the first eleven, given the amount of talent coming through for the four lion's. 

P.S. "United" is in quotes marks - because it's a Country that seems dis-united at the best of times. 


Yeah I agree although as an Englishman I would rather he play for England in the future.

Like you say though, always going to be tough for him to break into that English team.

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On 9/17/2020 at 3:03 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Artem Sokolov
Club - Chertanovo Moscow
Age - 17
Positions - AM(RLC)
Nationality - Russia

The young Sergey Pinyaev is a player that I myself have talked about a lot, but in that same team there is another Russian talented player. We are talking about Artem Sokolov.

The player - born in Eastern Siberia - makes quite an impression in Russia's ranks with 3 goals in 7 U15 matches, 4 goals in 13 U16 matches and 5 goals in 4 U17 matches. Sokolov was also allowed to make his debut with the big boys of Chertanovo. By the way, at the end of 2019, Sokolov was also voted the best Moscow player among footballers born in 2003.

As already mentioned, Artem Sokolov is mainly an attacking midfielder, but he can play as a winger. He has excellent basic technique, spicy and skilled with both feet. He is also dangerous on free kicks. He also likes to take on the corners.

He still needs to strengthen himself physically, including his physique. He may also grow a little more in defensive work, but he is still very young. A very interesting player to follow closely.


13 games (5 goals, 3 assists) in u17 Youth League.

SM - N/A
Value - N/A

Added! Must buy! 

Orozco and Rosa are interesting to buy.


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9 hours ago, FORAG said:

Your thoughts on J.David? Could still became a top in his role?

I know he's not had a great start to the season - though Lille are doing really well. 

Consider that he's still only 20 years young, has come into a completely new league and country, has the likes of Yilmaz, Ikone, Araujo, Bamba and Yacizi to compete with in order to solidify a place in the first eleven - who have all been performing better than him. 

However, recently (in his last 3) he has 2 goals and an assist, so he is definitely showing signs of improvement. 

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OH Leuven and their 3 players with huge impact on the team. Not the first time I mention them, but what a trio!

Xavier Mercier (31 years old, France)
Rate: 82
⏱ 100 % of the playing time
️ 5 goals
🅰️ 11 assists

Kamal Sowah (20 years old, Ghana)
Rate: 76
⏱ 99 % of the playing time
️ 6 goals
🅰️ 4 assists

Thomas Henry (26 years old, France)
Rate: 78
⏱ 94 % of the playing time
️ 12 goals
🅰️ 3 assists


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They aren't going to the next round of the Champions League, but still is Ajax FC a very promising squad with lot of youngsters like Rensch, Gravenberch, Timber, Brobbey and Schuurs.

Today Kenneth Taylor (18) got 30 minutes in the game against PEC Zwolle. A talent I rate highly.


On 6/9/2020 at 9:14 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Kenneth Taylor
Club - Ajax FC
Age - 18
Position - M(C), AM(C)
Nationality - The Netherlands

He's with Rensche and Regeer one of the biggest talents that is quite knocking on the door of the first squad. He's a player who likes to play forward and keeps his vision on the field. He's most of the time a box-to-box player. He anticipates good and has a good pass.


He's a pure talent of the "De Toekomst"-academy, because he's already 9 years in this team. Definitely keep an eye on him! A must buy in the game.

Stats in Jong Ajax in the second division of The Netherlands (KKD):
19 games (3 assists)

SM - 73
Value - 1M


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On 7/23/2020 at 10:30 AM, thorgan lesar said:

2 promising South American talents who are already knocking on the door of the first squad.

Gaston Avila
Club - Boca Juniors
Age - 18
Position - D(C)
Nationality - Argentina

Boca Juniors has many good footballers, but Avila seems to deserve a place in the future. He is left-footed, strong in footballing ability and also performs more than the main function of any defender: scoring. He stands his ground well and is strong in 1vs1 duels, although he still has to take a lot of steps physically.

Avila sustained a serious injury in March 2019, but thankfully he now seems fully recovered and ready to play with the big boys at Boca Juniors.

SM - 70
Value - € 240K

Made his debut yesterday. Huge future ahead of him

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