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FWT (Football Worldwide Talents), JPL and MLS in particular.. ! + Inside RedBull Salzburg

thorgan lesar

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Eduardo Camavinga (18 years old, France)

9 / 11 games (61 %)
️ 1 goal
🅰️ 1 assist
Maybe not at his best level on this moment, but he still is a huge talent. Enormous potential.

Faitout Maouassa (22 years old, France)

4 / 11 games (31 %)
🅰️ 1 assist
Did it well, but now injured for a while. A shame because he was ready for a good season.

Adrien Truffert (19 years old, France)

4 / 11 games (30 %)
️ 1 goal
🅰️ 1 assist
The young Frenchman showed enough to display his potential and Rennes will hope he has a bright future and can step up this season with Maouassa out injured and Dalbert struggling to settle into life in France.

Brandon Soppy (18 years old, France)

5 / 11 games (30 %)
Soppy will likely continue to get opportunities to impress and he is certainly an exciting prospect at just 18.

Jérémy Doku (18 years old, Belgium)

5 / 11 games (28 %)
The Belgian signed this summer for a lot of money and he's showing a lot of his talent. Still he needs to grow with his assists and be more regular.

Yann Gboho (19 years old, France)

7 / 11 games (20 %)
He still needs time to grow on his timing and bring more intensity in the game.

Georginio Rutter (18) didn't play yet, still a very interesting player for the future of Stade Rennes.


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Transfermarkt Switzerland
Based on transfermarkt.com


1. Leonidas Stergiou (18 years old, rate: 82)
2. Becir Omeragic (18 years old, rate: 79)
2. Félix Mambimbi (19 years old, rate: 77)
4. Kastriot Imeri (20 years old, rate: 79)
5. Nikita Vlasenko (19 years old, rate: 70)
6. Lorenzo Gonzalez (20 years old, rate: 70)
7. Jasper Van Der Werff (21 years old, rate: 76)
8. Julian Von Moos (19 years old, rate: 77)
9. Tician Tushi (19 years old, rate: 75)
10. Stefano Guidotti (21 years old, rate: 77)

Note: Vlasenko is on SM as a player from Ukrain, but he is from Switzerland.

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Satellite team of RB Salzburg 

David Affengruber (19 years old, Austria)

11 / 11 games (100 %)
Rate: 73
️ 1 goal
He's physically very strong, but needs to grow in positional choices. Good player with a good chance of new chances next season in Salzburg.

Dominik Alois Oroz (20 years old, Croatia)

11 / 11 games (98 %)
Rate: 73
️ 3 goals
Oroz is doing well in the 2nd division in Austria. I don't think he is ready yet for next season in Salzburg. Oroz and Affengruber are still very secure at this level.

Daniel Antosch (20 years old, Austria)

10 / 11 games (91 %)
Rate: 73
🚫 4 clean sheets
He isn't international at the moment, but he is doing okay. He has the qualities to become 2nd goalkeeper in Salzburg.

Sebastian Aigner (19 years old, Austria)

11 / 11 games (85 %)
Rate: 70
️ 1 goal
Aigner is an interesting prospect and is growing nicely. Still he needs more experience to be a good addition in 1st level of Austria. Probably he needs another year in Liefering.

Chukwubuike Adamu Jr. (19 years old, Austria)

10 / 11 games (84 %)
Rate: 76
️ 6 goals
🅰️ 5 assists
Potentially top 3 from these players. Adamu Jr. is a good player with the potential to become an important addition of RB Salzburg. He's conforming his talent this season.

Amar Dedic (18 years old, Bosnia)

10 / 11 games (83 %)
Rate: 67
🅰️ 1 assist
Physically getting stronger and is interesting as investment for people who wants to make money in the game, but still got potential to be part of the first squad of RB Salzburg.

Maurits Kjærgaard (17 years old, Denmark)

11 / 11 games (77 %)
Rate: 75
️ 2 goals
Great talent. Just 17 years old and very important for a strong FC Liefering this season. Potentially top 3 from these players.

Benjamin Sesko (17 years old, Slovenia)

11 / 11 games (75 %)
Rate: 67
️ 3 goals
🅰️ 3 assists
Together with Kjærgaard the future of RB Salzburg. Sesko is doing very well at the moment. Also top 3 from these players.

Alexander Prass (19 years old, Austria)

9 / 11 games (73 %)
Rate: 73
️ 2 goals
🅰️ 5 assists
Prass has the qualities to be a good addition of RB Salzburg. Don't think he's ready yet, but is also important for a strong Liefering.

Nicolas Seiwald, Luka Reischl, Mamadou Sangare, Wallison and Luka Sučić also played for FC Liefering.
Sučić played less because he's in the first squad of RB Salzburg.
Reischl is already getting attention from some club at just 16 years old.
Seiwald plays more then average percentage, didn't make the selecion of > 70 %.
Sangare and Wallison are adapting really well.

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On 10/3/2020 at 11:41 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Devyne Rensch
Club - Ajax FC
Age - 17
Positions - D(C)
Nationality - The Netherlands

Ajax FC is known all over the world about his great youth academy. They delivered toppers such as Mathijs De Ligt and Frenkie De Jong and sub topper Donny Van De Beek. There are already many talents knocking on the door, of which Devyne Rensch is one of them.

Rensch is currently also considered one of the greatest talents in Ajax itself. Rensch has already had to endure a serious injury of 2 years. After that injury, he tried to get a contract with PSV, but he did not succeed. He did get a contract at Ajax.

Rensch used to be a midfielder, but has grown over time to a central defender at Ajax. Rensch is currently part of the Dutch u18. The young central defender has a good pass, excellent dribbling and dares to defend well forward. This sometimes entails risks, but Rensch often remains calm and keeps good control of the situation. He is also not afraid of a tough tackle and one-on-one Rensch is hard to beat.

He still needs to learn a little more to be a leader in his defense, but he still has time to grow in that. There is also room for improvement on a physical level.


3 games and 1 assist (3/6) in 2nd division of The Netherlands with Jong Ajax.

SM - N/A
Value - N/A


Devyne Rensch made his debut today for almost 20 minutes..

Very good player! MUST BUY!

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On 9/30/2020 at 2:28 AM, thorgan lesar said:

Manfred Ugalde so far in Belgian 2nd division.

🕛 69 % of the maximum playing time
️ 3 goals
🅰️ 1 assist

He's good adjusting to Belgium and the 2nd level. Keep an eye on him!



86 % of the playing time 

️ 7 goals

🅰️ 2 assists 


Ugalde is a must buy! 🇨🇷🤩

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Konan N'Dri (20 years old, Ivory Coast)

N’Dri is certainly an exciting prospect, and looks set to become a high quality dribbler as he develops more. With that development, in-game experience should help him iron out some issues he has, especially when it comes to crossing. Furthermore, his defensive data is good enough to suggest that he can help his side win the ball back, and then use his ability to run with the ball to help transition the side from defence to attack.

Overall, N’Dri is certainly a player to look out for in the future. For his own development, staying with Eupen for one or two more seasons could really help him become a top player in the Belgian Pro League, which should be his main target before thinking of moving on to a bigger league.

Rate - 76
Value - 360K


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