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FWT (Football Worldwide Talents), JPL and MLS in particular.. ! + Inside RedBull Salzburg

thorgan lesar

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I made a "first 11" of very interesting prospects who has a lot of potential and a possible big rise for next season if nothing happens...

Kostas Tzolakis
Andreas Güllstrof
Davide Mastrantonio
Jeff Dewsnup
Jonas Krumrey

I picked Tzolakis because he will get his chances next season plus has some real qualities in my opinion. All those other 4 goalkeepers are still more a question for me.

Hugo Siquet
Devyne Rensch
Joe Scally

Hugo Siquet is my pick, but Devyne Rensch will also get a big rise. They are both must buys at the moment.

Jamal Baptiste
Diego Almeida
Lenny Lacroix
Bryan Okoh
Noah Mbamba
Zeno Debast
Leo Hjelde
Giorgio Scalvini
Samson Baidoo
Antonio Leone

Zeno Debast and Giorgio Scalvini are the future of Belgium and Italy. Special talents, mature and ready to get minutes. Noah Mbamba, Samson Baidoo, Jamal Baptiste and Diego Almeida are 4 other who can placed as must buy.

Thierry Small
Shinya Nakano
Flavio Nazinho
Jonathan Gómez

I wanted to put Nakano but eventually I picked Small at Everton FC. I reckon he will get chances at Everton next season while Gómez is on loan to the 2nd team of Louisville City and doing well. Nakano is very young and already rated well in the game but will be interesting as well.

Moses Nyeman
Lesley Ugochukwu
Dario Esuggo
David Ayala
Charlie Patino

I pick Lesley Ugochukwu but that's because I ahave more questions with the other 4 players. Can Nyeman keep up? Can Esuggo confirm his talent at Sporting CP? Can Ayala take the next step in his developping? Can Patino get chances at Arsenal?

Miguel Azeez
Jack McGlynn
Pablo Gavi
Kristian Arnstad
Carney Chukwuemeka
Jakub Drozd
Arsen Zakharyan 
Bryang Kayo
Sidney Ræbiger

Carney Chukwuemeka is one hell of a talent. Not a difficult choice. Keep Zakharyan, Ræbiger, Bayo, Gavi and Arnstad more in your attention next season!

Paxten Aaronson
Luka Gagnidze
Nene Dorgeles
Mateusz Musialowski
Mario Stroeykens
Miguel Carreon
Quinn Sullivan
Max Caputo

Quinn Sullivan is not the biggest talent of this list, but probably the biggest rise of those. Stroeykens and Caputo are both future talents for their country. Paxten Aaronson is also a possible talent for a good rise.

Moreira Savio
Oleg Ocheretko
Chagas Kayky
Julio Enciso
Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty

No doubt I go with Enciso. Still low rated and Kayky is already rated well in the game. Marshall-Rutty will need some more minutes, but has a nice potential as well.

Shola Shoretire
Stipe Biuk
Amourricho Axel Van Dongen
Jamie Bynoe-Gittens
Mohamed Toure
Piotr Starzynski

I go with Stipe Biuk who started his career well at Hajduk Split and still low rated. I think he can become a good player for Croatia. Shoretire is a very nice talent in England. Toure is also a player for a big rise.

Samed Bazdar
Cade Cowell
Nicolas Siri
Santiago Muñoz
Dane Scarlett
Sekou Diawara
Matheus Nascimento
Marios Tzavidas
Georgios Koutsias
Albert Tjaaland
Melih Bostan

I can chose a lot of players here but I go with Cade Cowell. The American centre forward is on fire this season. If he can keep up on this level he will be a good a player for USA.
Siri, Muñoz, Tzavidas, Koutsias, Nascimento, Diawara, Scarlett and Bazdar are all talents to keep an eye on..


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Enis Destan (19) from Altinordu is on his way to Club Brugge according to Turkish sources. Not so much reliable but they're saying that they are sure. :)

📈 Rate: 76
⏱ 53 % of the playing time (total: 34 games)
️ 12 goals
🅰️ 3 assists

Would be an interesting move!


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On 5/26/2021 at 12:58 AM, thorgan lesar said:

SUMMER MERCATO '21 - '22...


□ IN □

■ OUT ■
~ Ethan Horvath
~ Siemen Voet
[Club Brugge => PEC Zwolle]
~ Formose Mendy
[Club Brugge => Amiens SC]
~ Emmanuel Dennis
[Club Brugge => UC Watford]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○
~ Loïs Openda [to Vitesse]


□ IN □
~ Jesper Daland (21 years old, Norway)
[IK Start => Cercle Brugge, € 1 million]
~ Boris Popovic (21 years old, Serbia)
[AS Monaco on loan to Cercle Brugge]
~ Edgaras Utkus (20 years old, Lithuania)
[AS Monaco on loan to Cercle Brugge]
~ Senna Miangue (24 years old, Congo)
[Cagliari Calcio on loan to Cercle Brugge]

■ OUT ■
~ Merveille Goblet, Jérémy Taravel and Calvin Dekuyper

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Jules-Anthony Vilsaint (18 years old, Canada)
[Free... => Royal Antwerp]
~ Brian Priske
[New head coach]
~ Michael Frey (26 years old, Switzerland)
[Fenerbahçe SK => Royal Antwerp]
~ Björn Engels (26 years old, Belgium)
[Aston Villa => Royal Antwerp]
~ Jelle Bataille (22 years old, Belgium)
[KV Oostende => Royal Antwerp]

■ OUT ■
~ Simen Juklerød
[Free... => KRC Genk]
~ Lior Refaelov
[Free... => RSC Anderlecht]
~ Abdoulaye Diaby
[Royal Antwerp => Ujpest FC]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Jannes Van Hecke (19 years old, Belgium)
[Zulte Waregem => KV Mechelen]
~ Iebe Swers (24 years old, Belgium)
[RFC Seraing => KV Mechelen]
~ Hugo Cuypers (24 years old, Belgium)
[Olympiakos => KV Mechelen]
~ Samuel Oum Gouet (23 years old, Cameroon)
[SCR Altach => KV Mechelen]
~ Vinicius Souza (22 years old, Brazil)
[Lommel => KV Mechelen]

■ OUT ■

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Kevin Vandendriessche (31 years old, France)
[KV Oostende => KV Kortrijk]
~ Ante Palaversa (21 years old, Croatia)
[Manchester City on loan to KV Kortrijk]
~ Mathias Fixelles (24 years old, Belgium)
[Union SG => KV Kortrijk]
~ Joris Delle (31 years old, France)
[Free... => KV Kortrijk]

■ OUT ■
~ Julien De Sart

○ ON LOAN TO... ○
~ Brendan Hines-Ike [to DC United]


□ IN □
~ Kenny Rocha Santos (21 years old, Cape Verde)
[AS Nancy => KV Oostende]
~ Zech Medley (20 years old, England)
[Arsenal FC => KV Oostende]

■ OUT ■
~ Andrew Hjulsager
[KV Oostende => KAA Gent]
~ Jelle Bataille
[KV Oostende => Royal Antwerp]
~ Kevin Vandendriessche
[KV Oostende => KV Kortrijk]
~ Ari Skulason
[KV Oostende => IF Nörrkoping]
~ Fashion Sakala Jr.
[KV Oostende => Glasgow Rangers]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○
~ Thomas Basila [on loan for 2 season to AS Nancy]


□ IN □

■ OUT ■
~ Tom Van Hyfte
[OH Leuven => Mandel United]
~ David Hubert
~ Sascha Kotysch
[End of career]
~ Kamal Sowah
[back to Leicester City]


○ ON LOAN TO... ○
~ Aboubakar Keita
[On loan with option to Charleroi SC]


□ IN □
~ Julien De Sart (26 years old, Belgium)
[Free... => KAA Gent]
~ Louis Fortin (19 years old, Belgium)
[Standard De Liège => KAA Gent]
~ Christopher Operi (24 years old, France)
[LB Châteauroux => KAA Gent]
~ Gianni Bruno (29 years old, Belgium)
[Zulte Waregem => KAA Gent]
~ Andrew Hjulsager (26 years old, Denmark)
[KV Oostende => KAA Gent]
~ Joseph Okumu (24 years old, Kenia)
[IF Elfsborg => KAA Gent, € 3.5 million]
~ Diego Torres (18 years old, Paraguay)
[Olimpia Asunción on loan with option to KAA Gent]

■ OUT ■
~ Colin Coosemans
~ Brecht Dejaegere
[KAA Gent => Toulouse FC, € 1.5 million]
~ Giorgi Kvilitaia
[KAA Gent => APOEL Nicosia]
~ Tim Kleindienst
[KAA Gent => Heidenheim, € 3.5 million]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Edward Still (new head coach)
~ Aboubakar Keita (23 years old, Côte D'Ivoire)
[OH Leuven on loan with option to Charleroi SC]
~ Stefan Knezevic (24 years old, Switzerland)
[FC Luzern => Charleroi SC]
~ Stelios Andreou (18 years old, Cyprus)
[Olympiakos Nicosia => Charleroi SC]
~ Adem Zorgane (21 years old, Algeria)
[Paradou AC => Charleroi SC]

■ OUT ■
~ Jon Flanagan
~ Modou Diagne
~ Christopher Diandy
~ Massimo Bruno

○ ON LOAN TO... ○
~ Jean Thierry Lazare [to Union SG]


□ IN □

■ OUT ■

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Lior Refaelov (35 years old, Israel)
[Free... => RSC Anderlecht)
~ Colin Coosemans (27 years old, Belgium)
[Free... => RSC Anderlecht]
~ Wesley Hoedt (27 years old, The Netherlands)
[Southampton => RSC Anderlecht]
~ Majeed Ashimeru (23 years old, Ghana)
[RB Salzburg => RSC Anderlecht]
~ Taylor Harwood-Bellis (19 years old, England)
[Manchester City on loan to RSC Anderlecht]
~ Sergio Gomez (20 years old, Spain)
[Borussia Dortmund => RSC Anderlecht]

■ OUT ■
~ Warner Hahn
~ Kemar Lawrence
[RSC Anderlecht => Toronto FC, € 545K]
~ Landry Dimata
[RSC Anderlecht => Espanyol Barcelona, € 2.2 million euros]
~ Peter Žulj
[RSC Anderlecht => Basaksehir]
~ Knowledge Musona
[RSC Anderlecht => Al-Tai]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Leon Krekovic (21 years old, Croatia)
[Hajduk Split => Beerschot AC]
~ Apostolos Konstantopoulos (18 years old, Greece)
[Panetolikos => Beerschot AC]
~ Abdoulie Sanyang (22 years old, Gambia)
[Superstars Academy on loan to Beerschot AC]
~ Abraham Okyere (18 years old, Ghana)
[Inter Allies SC => Beerschot AC]
~ Thibault De Smet (23 years old, Belgium)
[Stade Reims on loan to Beerschot AC]

■ OUT ■
~ Denis Prychynenko
[Beerschot AC => KMSK Deinze]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Jordi Condom
[new head coach]
~ Mathieu Cachbach (20 years old, Belgium)
[FC Metz on loan to RFC Seraing]
~ Guillaume Dietsch (20 years old, France)
[FC Metz on loan to RFC Seraing]
~ Sami Lahssaini (22 years old, Belgium)
[FC Metz on loan to RFC Seraing]
~ Rayan Djédjé (19 years old, France)
[FC Metz on loan to RFC Seraing]

■ OUT ■
~ Iebe Swers
[RFC Seraing => KV Mechelen]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Simen Juklerød (27 years old, Norway)
[Free... => KRC Genk]
~ Mujaid Aliu Sadick (21 years old, Spain)
[Deportivo La Coruña => KRC Genk]
~ Kelvin John (18 years old, Tanzania)
[Brooke House Football Academy => KRC Genk]
~ Carel Eiting (23 years old, The Netherlands)
[Ajax FC => KRC Genk]

■ OUT ■
~ Danny Vukovic
~ Mats Möller Dæhli
[KRC Genk => Sänkt Pauli]
~ Zinho Gano
[KRC Genk => Zulte Waregem]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Bernd Hollerbach
[New head coach]
~ Aboubakary Koita (22 years old, Belgium)
[Waasland-Beveren => STVV]

■ OUT ■
~ Ibrahima Sory Sankhon
[End of contract]
~ Samuel Asamoah
[End of contract]
~ Duckens Nazon
[End of contract]
~ Georgios Vagiannidis
[Back to Internazionale]
~ Santiago Colombatto
[STVV => Club Léon]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Bart Nieuwkoop (25 years old, The Netherlands)
[Feyenoord => Union SG]
~ Marcel Lewis (19 years old, England)
[Chelsea FC => Union SG]
~ Matthew Sorinola (20 years old, England)
[Milton Keynes Dons => Union SG]
~ Khetag Kochiev (21 years old, Russia)
[Alania Vladikavkaz => Union SG]
~ Jean Thierry Lazare (23 years old, Côte D'Ivoire)
[Charleroi SC on loan to Union SG]
~ Lorenzo Paolucci (24 years old, Italy)
[Reggina => Union SG]

■ OUT ■
~ Sébastien Pocognoli
[End of career]
~ Brighton Labeau, Marcel Mehlem, Adrien Saussez, Edisson Jordanov and Ibrahima Bah
[End of contract]
~ Mathias Fixelles
[Union SG => KV Kortrijk]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □

■ OUT ■
~ Jean-François Gillet
[End of career]
~ Laurent Jans
[Standard De Liège => Sparta Rotterdam]
~ Louis Fortin
[Standard De Liège => KAA Gent]
~ Duje Čop
[Standard De Liège => Dinamo Zagreb]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○


□ IN □
~ Joost Van Aken (27 years old, The Netherlands)
[Sheffield Wednesday => Zulte Waregem]
~ David Hubert (33 years old, Belgium)
[Free... => Zulte Waregem]
~ Bent Sørmo (24 years old, Norway)
[Kristiansund => Zulte Waregem]
~ Alessandro Ciranni (24 years old, Belgium)
[Excel Moeskroen => Zulte Waregem]
~ Lasse Vigen (26 years old, Denmark)
[Bröndby IF => Zulte Waregem]
~ Zinho Gano (27 years old, Belgium)
[KRC Genk => Zulte Waregem]

■ OUT ■
~ Gianni Bruno
[Zulte Waregem => KAA Gent]
~ Jannes Van Hecke
[Zulte Waregem => KV Mechelen]
~ Olivier Deschacht
[End of career]
~ Damien Marcq
[End of career]

○ ON LOAN TO... ○



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2 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

OFFICIAL: Sergio Gómez signs for RSC Anderlecht

The Spanish midfielder who comes from La Masia and Dortmund his academy...


Should I keep him? Very talented but two bad seasons up to now.

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On 6/1/2021 at 10:10 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Roméo Lavia (17) is being named as best player of Manchester City u23. The Belgian defensive midfielder is making huge impressions. Lavia came from RSC Anderlecht and is another talent from the RSCA Academy.

Will Lavia get a place into first squad next year as 17-years-old ? :o


Pep Guardiola wants to promote Roméo Lavia to the ManCity first-team squad next season.

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2 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

Antonio Nusa (16) makes his first start for Stabaek in Norway this evening, it was only a few days ago he was scoring this screamer!

One to watch!


50 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

Scored a brace, this kid is levelling up quick 📈

3 goals in 2 games!

Nice to see it here.. 

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On 2/28/2021 at 11:11 PM, thorgan lesar said:

Piero Hincapie (19) just arrived from the Independiente Del Valle in Talleres. Dominate with his athleticism, he solves problems when under pressure with his left foot while carrying the ball or opening the game..


Piero Hincapié was the player with the most forward passes completed [89] in the Group Stage of the Copa América.

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Antonio Nusa (16) first start for the one who can be the sensation of the season with Stabaek, after an excellent start the previous match and a magnificent goal. Striker (rather winger) very punchy, strong with both feet and very talented in 1v1. Lively and tonic, he is also technically strong and rather skilful in front of goal.


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On 4/27/2021 at 8:59 AM, thorgan lesar said:

List of added players by @thorgan lesar
List of added players by @Thorgan Lesar

Sekou Diawara
Mario Stroeykens
Denzel De Roeve
Mathis Servais
Sang-bin Jung
Du-Jae Won
Zeno Debast
Marsel Ismajlgeci
Anthony Descotte
Daniel Perez
Louis Patris
Yerson Mosquera
Xander Blomme
Ibe Hautekiet
Arne Engels
Luka Reischl

Seong-Jin Kang
Tibo Persyn
Emerson Rodriguez
Mahiro Ano
Aguibou Camara
Lynnt Audoor
Nathan Fuakala
Mandela Keita
Tomás Lecanda
Marios Tzavidas
Lucas Besozzi
Allan Delferriere
Ebrima Darboe
Alexios Kalogeropoulos
Vando Félix

Théo Pierrot
Alexandro Calut
Yahya Nadrani
Abdelhafid Al Badaoui
Jordan Machado
Wagane Faye
Mohamed Moulhi
Ababacar Lô
Ali Sanogo
Yann Godart
Serkan Basha
Sidney Raebiger
Kerian Atheba
Elias Spago
Nils De Wilde
Théo Léoni
Nayel Mehssatou
Samson Baidoo

Arsen Sharshenbekov
James McAtee
Elkan Baggott
Arthur Okonkwo
Louis Fortin
André Lacximicant
Mohamed Amoura
Levi Colwill
Marcel Lewis
Carlos Borges
Nathan Ngoy
Manuel Osifo
Wouter George
Jay-Dee Geusens
András Németh

Matisse Didden
Alonzo Engwanda

Didden and Engwanda added...

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On 6/29/2021 at 1:25 AM, thorgan lesar said:

Napoli target Nuno Tavares is close to Arsenal FC, with the club ready to pay €15m for the Benfica left-back.

Albert Sambi Lokonga and Nuno Tavares on their way to Arsenal FC.


Tavares deal is interesting as I'd imagine he will be a back up unless they are going to play Tierney at left centre back as part of a three 

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4 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

Piero Hincapié was the player with the most forward passes completed [89] in the Group Stage of the Copa América.

Being linked with Lazio which may not be the greatest of moves. I know they changed manager buy they weren't great at giving youth a chance last season 

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  • thorgan lesar changed the title to FWT (Football Worldwide Talents), JPL and MLS in particular.. ! + Inside RedBull Salzburg

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