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FWT (Football Worldwide Talents), JPL and MLS in particular.. ! + Inside RedBull Salzburg

thorgan lesar

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On 6/4/2020 at 5:38 PM, thorgan lesar said:

□ Yan Couto (18 years old, Brazil)

I've made the obvious choice. Couto is a brilliant player.

Other candidates:
Amar Dedic, Jakov-Anton Vasilj, Kluiverth Aguilar, Filip Braut, Giorgos Vagiannidis, Killian Sardella, Vinicius Tobias

Vinicius Tobias added today!

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1 hour ago, Kierans91 said:

Vinicius Tobias and Akinkunmi Amoo been added this morning to the SM database.

2 very talented players still early on in there development and both yet to make a senior appearance.

Keep an eye on these guys!!

Vinicius Tobias



Don't know what it is with Manchester City wanting to buy every young talented right back.

Akinkunmi Amoo




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Adam Hložek
Club - AC Sparta Praha
Age - 17
Position - Secondary Striker
Nationality - Czech Republic

He's a versatile forward player who's capable of playing anywhere along the front line. A clinical finisher capable on both feet with great pace, power & good dribbling skills. Superb off-the-ball movement in & around the opposite’ box.


He's being linked with Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig. He's an excellent player that will have a place in both teams. I have now with Hložek 30 players, 2 lists of 15 talents and I wanted to end this list with one of my favorites.

27 games (4 goals, 8 assists)

SM - 82
Value - 2.8M

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@thorgan lesar I believe you are doing a swell job with the assistance of Kierans91 to give us (fortunate managers) a glimpse into the future of Belgian football. 👍

And to be honest with you I only know of a few of the players out of the 30 you have mentioned on here - as I dont really keep up much with youth players these days. Because I reckon I now have a stable enough youth squad for the next decade (hoping that the players develop to their full potential). 

However, it's always nice to know who is coming up through the ranks. 🙂


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19 hours ago, Milanista1 said:

@thorgan lesar

In your opinion who is the most talented/best Belgian footballer ever, or the top 3?

And who is one of the worst you have come across, or worst 3? 

That's a difficult one because I'm 23 years old and I didn't saw football before 2005. For me it's De Bruyne at first, Eden Hazard as 2nd and Vincent Kompany as third. 

For me Jordan Lukaku is one of the worst I've come across..

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7 hours ago, RieceM96 said:

I have Nordin Jackers as my back up GK to Timo Horn in a competitive setup.

Worth keeping Jackers ? I'm surprised he didn't rise with the minutes he had. I know his team is bottom but he is only on loan there 

Sell Jackers, he will leave KRC Genk this summer...

and yeah previous season the cap of Waasland-Beveren was 82, this year 80 for some reason..

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1 hour ago, Kierans91 said:

Hi all,

I’m from the UK and as my fellow brits know we have been in lockdown for a few months now with things starting to gradually ease a little.

Since being in lockdown I decided to spend my time scouting and trying to find the next big player for you guys.

This should work well especially if you check SM’s new players daily like I do myself and should help everyone determine wether each player is a potential star or not.

I’m going to compile a list which I will try to update as often as possible and when I see fit with additional players.

These players will be born from the year 2003 to 2005 and they will not be on the SM database.

First players on the list are as follows:

Viktor Kanizaj / Dinamo Zagreb

Martin Vetkal / Tallinna Kalev

Wilkims Ochieng / Club Brugge

Noah Francoise / Stade Rennes

Angel Alarcon / Barcelona

Liam Delap / Manchester City

Mohamed El Arouch / Olympique Lyonnais

Denzel Owusu / Feyenoord 

Matheus Nascimento / Botafogo

Jamal Musiala / Bayern Munich

Because of there age these players when added to SM will be high potential and will obviously be long term investments.

Some may be further along in there career due to wether they get fast tracked to the first team of there clubs and others may take longer.

Hope people may find this useful.

Boredom has hit an all time high 😂

If there are any other players people would like to add that would be great, input always helpful. This post is for everyone on the forum to get the best talents as soon as there on SM.

I will quote your posts if you don't mind. :)

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Emre Demir

Club - Kayserispor

Age - 16

Position - Forward

Demir is a technically gifted attacking midfielder who is currently playing for bottom club Kayserispor.

He’s appeared 11 times for Kayserispor this season starting 5 and coming on from the bench 6 times (501 minutes)

Video below of his ability.

Emre is also a record breaker becoming the youngest player to score in the Turkish Super league at the age of 15.

SM rating - 73

Value - 400k

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