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FWT (Football Worldwide Talents), JPL and MLS in particular.. ! + Inside RedBull Salzburg

thorgan lesar

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6 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:


Do you know Toby Sibbick ? What do you think of him ?

KV Oostende signed him.


6 hours ago, Kierans91 said:

Ex Barnsley player a town next door to mine 🙂

He’s an average player at best, probably a decent player for Oostende, a team towards the bottom of the Belgium league.

Nothing to get excited about that’s for sure.

I can second that. I saw him play for Hearts and he started off alright in first game but didn't do much after that.

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Enock Agyei
Club - RSC Anderlecht
Age - 15
Position - AM(RL), A(RL)
Nationality - Belgium

Agyei is one of the biggest upcoming talents in RSC Anderlecht. He is only 15 years old and is already part of the u23 of RSC Anderlecht.

Like Jérémy Doku, Agyei also has the Ghanaian nationality. The winger is fairly explosive, fast and dribble capable. He also keeps his overview well, although there is still work to be done.

A player to absolutely keep an eye on. A must buy if he comes into the database of Soccer Manager. Unfortunately I don't have a video of Agyei.


2 games with Belgium u16.

SM - N/A
Value - N/A

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1 hour ago, Sir Rahul said:

Oston Urunov - worth buying? Just moved to Spartak Moscow.

Yes, good investment. You can't do wrong to get him. Jasurbek Jaloliddinov also moved to Spartak Moscow.

9 hours ago, jaybee said:

Andri Baldursson could be one to watch out for. Youngest Icelandic player to play in the big leagues.


I can't see him on database yet and I don't think I've seen him mentioned.

Is on my list this week to make a report about. :) Not mentionned yet, but I was going to with a report. :)

9 hours ago, dgormand said:

Thorgan, thoughts on Clinton Mata? 

Seems a bit unclair if he will move or not. Good player, deserves a transfer, but there is a chance he will stay. 86 is the cap of Club Brugge his defence, so won't rise in Belgium I'm afraid. 

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On 7/27/2020 at 11:46 AM, thorgan lesar said:

Very few players from Uzbekistan can make it as a footballer in Europe. Would this work for 2 players from Uzbekistan this time?

Lokomotiv Moskva is interested in both.

Jasurbek Jaloliddinov
Club - Bunyodkor
Age - 18
Positions - AM(RLC), A(RL)
Nationality - Uzbekistan

Technically, the winger is a really good player, who is quite creative in his way of playing. A good passing also helps his good vision on the field.

He likes to be fielded in a free role as an attacking midfielder, where he is given space to roam the pitch. He's an intelligent player, who finds the space well between the lines.

His defensive contribution needs improvement and he needs to work on his physicality.

32 games in Super Liga in Uzbekistan (3 goals, 3 assists)

SM - 74
Value - € 320K

Oston Urunov
Club - FC Ufa
Age - 19
Positions - D, DM(R), M(RC)
Nationality - Uzbekistan

This advanced playmaker has a good technique, likes to dribble and is quite creative in his way of playing. He finds the space that he can use well between the lines.

His passing can still be worked on a bit, especially after Urunov wants to dribble, he does not remain calm enough, so his passing leaves the wishes sometimes.

10 games in Premier League Russia

SM - 78
Value - € 600K

@Sir Rahul

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If Dendoncker comes into action tonight, it will already be his 56th game of this season. In the Premier League, he played in all 38 games, while also playing 15 games in the Europa League and two in the FA Cup. In it he was good for six goals.

La Dernière Heure knows that no player in the world came into action so often this season. The Red Devil therefore lives up to its reputation as a marathoner.


Criminally underrated.

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Brenden Aaronson
Club - Philadelphia Union
Age - 19
Positions - M(C), AM(RLC)
Nationality - USA

The 19-year-old is being linked to multiple clubs in Europe and seems set on a major move in the near future as Major League Soccer continues its growth into a development league.

Since his breakthrough into the starting XI last season, Aaronson has been excellent for the Union, and he has only upped his performance level this season.

This year, he has started every single game and is now used as a crucial player in the team. The attacking midfield role at the tip of the Union diamond is one of the most important positions in all of MLS, and Aaronson plays it superbly.

The U.S. U-23 team would have also featured Aaronson at the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament had it proceeded, and if the Olympic Games are held in 2021, he could well look to lead the American team.


He's already on the list of Eintracht Frankfurt, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Glasgow Celtic, RSC Anderlecht and Club Brugge. If he wants to play Champions League, Club Brugge would be the best choice.

37 games in total with Philadelphia Union (4 goals, 3 assists)

SM - 78
Value - € 1M

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Manuel Ugarte
Club - CA Fénix
Age - 19
Positions - DM, M(C)
Nationality - Uruguay

The positions are in the database a bit wrong.

Manuel Ugarte mostly plays as a defensive midfielder for both CA Fénix and the youth teams of Uruguay. He likes to play as a deep lying playmaker, as he both likes to get into possession in the first phase of the build up and to be able to defend well.

The Uruguayan midfielder is a very good passer and is able to play out of pressure very well. However, he could be able to utilize this quality way more by being more active in the first phase of the build-up and switching sides quicker.

The 19-year-old midfielder, born in the capital of Uruguay, has great passing ability. Ugarte likes to play it forward and always looks for options in front of him. He is a very accurate passer and has good vision to spot his teammates in space. Manuel Ugarte spots the man in space before he receives the ball and always picks out the right pass. He is at all times aware which is a great skill to have.

Manuel Ugarte is not the player that will create a lot of chances every match, but he is certainly a player that can support the other midfielders to create chances.

The 19-year-old midfielder likes to run with the ball, but at times he could be more aggressive in his runs to really progress up the pitch, rather than a few meters.


Manuel Ugarte is one of the most exciting players in Uruguay at the moment and he has a bright future ahead of him. The 19-year-old midfielder is already ready to move to Europe and I think that he would fit very well in the Belgian league, which can be described as a league in which both technical ability and physical ability are quite important.

To conclude, I think that Manuel Ugarte already is a very good player and that he is capable to improve on his slight weaknesses in a better league that has more intensity.

40 games in total (1 goal) with CA Fénix.

SM - 73
Value - € 300K

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11 minutes ago, thorgan lesar said:

Twente has some financial problems, so that's probably the reason. 

For me Lamprou is only an investment.

Only an investment as in do you expect him to rise soon or long term? 

He is 22 and 1.8m so I am trying to figure out the numbers. The sum is pretty hefty for a player who won't get any game time in my team. 

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