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United Nations Amateur Championship (UNAC)

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Gameworld ID: 384058

We're in to Season 5 in the UNAC, and there's some clubs available. It's been a very competitive set up, but with an inactive moderator over the last month or so there are now 20 or so clubs available, and I've now taken over the gameworld. There are some really strong sides in Division 1 now available as a result.

This is the ultimate test of your knowledge of signing young players, as you can only sign players aged 21 or under. Check out my thread that tracks my progress in the gameworld here - 



- You can only sign players aged 21 or under
- Squad cap of 60 players
- No signing players from unmanaged clubs

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NK Olimpia have been taken, but still fantastic opportunities to manage in a competitive setup. There's no signing players over the age of 21, so sometimes you need to bring in a 17 or 18 year old prospect as the only way to improve your squad. You've still got the opportunity to take on sides with top players which can give you a helping hand.


NEC Nijmegen (Pulisic 89, Terrier 88, Diousse 85)

Al Ain (Berg 88, Blin 86, Barnes 85)

Esperance de Tunis (Paqueta 89, Castrovilli 86, Soumare 86)

KS Cracovia (Vinicius 87, Dagba 85, Porro 85)

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