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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

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Hey all, my posts were unfortunately getting automatically moderated in the original match report thread I was posting them in so I figured I'd create my own thread to track the progress of my 'Real Madrid C' team in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706).

I'll repost the first few posts from that thread here so it flows nice and smoothly.

If you're reading, thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope it's interesting to follow! Cheers!

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #1 - 13/02/2020

Hey all, I've come back to SoccerManager after a long hiatus. It seems that unfortunately the game and this forum overall have been mostly abandoned since I was last active but there's always a chance to turn it all around and bring SoccerManager back to its' glory days!

I'd like to contribute to that effort by using this thread to post updates about my 'Real Madrid C' team, which I have just taken over in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706). Feel free to join the game world if you'd like. It's not my game world but it is open to the public and in its first season so plenty of untouched teams to make your own.

This is just a short, initial post - my future ones will be more nicely formatted and easy-on-the-eye, when I find the time to make them so. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to going on this journey with all of you! 

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #2 - 13/02/2020

Initial Thoughts

I was tossing up whether or not to do more newspaper-style updates or just write down my thoughts off the top of my head in my posts and I've decided to just do informal updates since it'd be easier to write and keep a track of everything. Hopefully deciding to do it that way will also mean that I stick with these updates regularly, which is always nice.


I've just become the manager of 'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup'. 

The game world is in its first season and I'm the first manager to take over the club. I was drawn to the club due to its' promise - as of right now, it's nothing to yell about with only 21 players (all in the 67-76 rating range) and a squad value of 4.1M and budget of 3.3M, down in 12th spot on the ladder in the 5th division with 16 points after 13 turns. 

But how good would it be to one day have Real Madrid C in the 1st division, matching it with the big dogs and doing better than its' parent club, Real Madrid (who are currently in the 4th division)? That's the question that's driving me to take on this challenge. And no, the C doesn't stand for Castilla as in Real Madrid Castilla (which is the official second team of Real Madrid), it's the one below that - the 3rd/C team.

My first game in charge is tomorrow against the unmanaged New York City FC, who have a much better and much more valuable squad. They're in the promotion places, in 6th spot, so a difficult game to start off with but they'll all be difficult games for a while, at least until I shape the squad more to my liking. Hopefully we won't get hammered too badly tomorrow and my managerial career with RMC gets off to an alright start.

This season is probably a wash already in terms of achieving something significant like promotion, but you never know. Most likely though, this'll be a building season where I try and up the cash budget and squad value and load up to have a solid go at getting promotion next season. It'll take time and doing one of these challenges gives you a real appreciation of what it must be like for a real-life manager to go in and implement their style of play and build the squad how they want. It takes time and patience.

Another update to come tomorrow. If anyone's reading this, let me know how it is - feedback or constructive criticism is always appreciated. 

Thanks everyone!

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #3 - 14/02/2020

Well, that was unexpected! A solid win to start off the new regime at Real Madrid C. In front of a raucous and packed Ciudad Real Madrid (2480 supporters filling up a stadium of 2500 capacity), we ran out 2-1 winners against the much stronger New York City FC. I decided to take a bit of a risk since there wasn't really anything to lose and I set the team up in an active and agressive 5-3-2, rather than the stock-standard park-the-bus type scheme used most of the time when coming up against teams that'll blow you off the part. This tactical choice seemed to work wonders for the team however, with LLARENA and MAURI each scoring. The stats weren't in our favour at all so perhaps we can count this in the lucky win column, but a win is a win. Considering the stats situation, it's only fair that the goalie, LANDETA, was named as man of the match with a 7/10 performance. Our players' individual game scores weren't high at all, but I guess the team spirit and strategy trumped that. 

We now move up to 10th spot on the ladder with 19 points, only a spot and 2 points behind the only other managed team in the division currently (Salford City). The team played them the match before I took over and came out losers so hopefully there'll be another opportunity to come up against them later in the season and exact revenge. Could be the start of a potential rivalry, who knows?

Another reason for the win could be that the squad were keen to showcase what they're capable of in order to avoid getting shipped out but, unfortunately for them, the process of wheeling-and-dealing has already begun, with a few bids already being put in for some promising players, in line with the strategy of strengthening the team and also buying risers and selling them later on for a profit. We need to get capital before we can make big moves in the gameworld and for now, it looks like it'll be a slow and steady process but hopefully the train forward to progress gains steam before too long.

It's also interesting that the squad currently has Jesjua ANGOY CRUYFF (Johan Cruyff's grandson) in it. He's scheduled to retire at the end of the season and his rating is quite low so he's not much use to me now since it's unlikely he'll play much and I can't swap or sell him. However, I don't think I'll release him - out of respect for Cruyff's legacy - I'll probably just keep him in the squad until the end of the season and run out his contract (which is only 1k a week). It's a bit ironic though that in this game world, Real Madrid C ended up signing him as a free agent when his real life club is the Dayton Dutch Lions and also considering the Cruyff ties to Barcelona.

Luckily, finances also don't seem like they'll be an issue. Our wage bill is currently low and I don't plan on blowing it out too much in the quest to improve the team. Despite the small stadium size, it looks like the Real Madrid C supporters get behind their team and fill it up, so ticket sales will be good and that should offset the wages. I didn't realise this either when taking over but I guess just having 'Real Madrid' in the name, even if they are the 3rd team, is such a big draw. The TV coverage payments are also quite healthy so I doubt there'll be financial issues, as long as I keep it all ship-shape on my side. Not worrying about finances makes it a bit easier for me with this challenge, but it also somewhat takes away the fun slightly of having a real, hard slog to improve the team. But that's probably just me finding things to complain about - in real life, 100% of the time, you would want to go to the club with good revenue streams and where you don't have to worry about the finances most of the time.

That's probably it for this post, thanks for reading if you've gotten this far. Another post potentially coming in a day or so when the first batch of transfers come in! 

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2 hours ago, AArulz said:

Ah well this sucks, Post 3 got moderated again. Looks like I'll be having trouble posting the story of my Real Madrid C - the journey on the forum could be over before it even started

Sorry, got to it as soon as I could. 

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #4 - 15/02/2020

A flurry of activity in the transfer market for Real Madrid C and more to come!

There's already been a few players coming and going, with the vast majority of them at the moment being from the Netherlands (which seems to be one of the leagues to be reviewed next, according to the general consensus on the forum here). Some of these players might be good for the future as squad players but at the moment, I'm considering them all as risers with sell-on value. Perhaps further down the line, with more information after the transfer bans expire, I'll decide who to keep on and who to ship out again. 

The following deals were completed:

  • M.KNOESTER (70) joins from Hercales Almelo for 101k + D.SUBÍAS
  • M.KÖHLERT (73) joins from Willem II for 141k + J.TRÁPAGA
  • A.HARROUI (73) joins from Sparta Rotterdam for 161k + J.SEGURA
  • M.PAES (70) joins from FC Utrecht for 321k + I.LANDETA
  • L.SELAHI (70) joins from FC Twente for 241k
  • J.FERREIRA (73) joins from FC Dallas for 61k + B.LLARENA 
  • U.AKYOL (73) joins from Antalyaspor for 261k + R.VALLEJO

With a few more to come over the next few days!

Credit should go to the many good scouts and people who have contributed their time and knowledge to sharing their rating predictions on this forum, because right now I'm essentially piggy-backing off their work. However, I'm sure later on I'll have to do my own research to find my own bargain gems if I want this Real Madrid C challenge to truly be successful, but for now, I'm happy to ride on the coat-tails of others, if they don't mind having me join them on the ride.

The team's coming together now, more in the vision/style of what I want. Before, we had 21 players who were all essentially deadwood, whereas now, Real Madrid C will soon be full of players who have a purpose - whether that be resale value or just solid, prospective young squad players.

Our next game is away on Monday 17/02/2020 at 7am against the unmanaged Atletico Madrid B, who are in 15th spot on the table with 14 points. This one's got a bit of a derby feel to it, two cross-city rivals going at it - except with Real's C team and Atletico's B team. So, all in all, it should be better than when the respective first teams meet!

I've already had a quick look at their squad and tactics and once again, we'll probably be the weaker squad but it's not as bad of a situation as against New York City earlier. A counter-attacking or park-the-bus style system might be on the cards again, but in all honesty, I hope it won't be long before the rating increases kick in and we have a comparable rated squad to the other teams in the division so I can play a more attacking and free flowing style. I'd rather be on the offensive and make the opponent react to our decisions, rather than responding to theirs. But for now, I guess we'll have to manage with what we've got.

Another post to come within the next few days, most likely after the next game. Hopefully this round of transfers for the club will all have come through by then too, so updates on that too to look forward to. 

Thanks for reading!   

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #5 - 17/02/2020

Another match-day, another unlikely win. Despite having a stronger squad at the moment, Atletico Madrid B lost to the re-invigorated Real Madrid C. It was a great win, the 2-1 score line being great on its own as a result but I'm more happy with the way we played.

I decided to go against common sense and played a bit more of an attacking tactic, focused around ball retention and possession, despite the weaker squad strength. It paid off, as we dominated all statistics and ran out as well-deserved victors in the cross-city derby.

A few new players were integrated into the match-day team for the first time too, with debutant striker CISS grabbing the MOTM award, with a goal and an assist to cap off an excellent performance.

If the team keeps this up, this season might not be just a building season. Depending on rating increases and our next run of fixtures, there could be a potential promotion push. It's still quite early and we're still in 10th place, but now there's only 5 points separating RMC and the promotion play-off places. I think Salford City, the other managed team in the division, will be up there at the end of the season too, so a club for us to keep an eye on.

A few more transfers have been completed since my last update, which will probably be our last ones for a while considering the club's financial situation at the moment, at least until resale of players is possible:

  • E.LINTHORST (73) joins from VVV-Venlo for 231k + C.ORTIZ
  • A.CISS (73) joins from Fortuna Sittard for 231k + D.MAURI
  • H.DELCROIX (73) joins from RSC Anderlecht for 161k + J.HERRANDO
  • L.MAXIMIANO (73) joins from Sporting CP for 467k + J.JIMÉNEZ
  • P.GONÇALVES (73) joins from FC Famalicão for 61k + A.ZARZANA
  • T.TAVARES (73) joins from SL Benfica for 1.0M

I'm particularly excited by L.MAXIMIANO and T.TAVARES. Those two have the chance to be something special. L.MAXIMIANO seems to have cemented himself as the starting GK for Sporting, which is huge. He's being talked about as the next Rui Patricio, which is high praise, and hopefully he lives up to that label.  

The current starting XI looks like this in a 4-3-3A - not really that impressive but hopefully some ratings go up soon:

            MAXIMIANO (73)

TAVARES (73)    DELCROIX (73)    KNOESTER (70)    KOHLERT (73)

    LINHORST (73)    GUTIERREZ (76)    NAVARRO (73)

    CISS (73)            HARROUI (73)

          FERREIRA (73)

Posts might be a bit less frequent from now on, considering the spending money has been used up for a while so there won't be many new updates until each match-day. Like always, thanks for reading!

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #6 - 21/02/2020

RMC's on a roll. 3rd win in a row and with a clean sheet this time. This 2-0 win against Accrington Stanley (a team with a higher average rating once again) marks the first clean sheet of my reign at the team and it was a great win, with good stats and in a good attacking style of play. Amadou CISS had a great game again - he didn't get MOTM but he assisted with both goals. He's gotten off to a flying start at the club!

The win puts us up to 9th, only 3 points behind the promotion places now with more than half the season still left. Perhaps there's still a chance for a memorable end to the season with promotion, but getting into the promotion places and winning the play-off are two different things altogether. But I think that's also me getting ahead of myself, there's still so many more games to play and the next few are against the heavyweights of the division so a tough test to come.

We've also leapfrogged Salford City (the other managed team in the division) for the first time in a while, which is a bit of a moral victory and good news for the run-in towards the end of the season.

Only one transfer has been done since the last post with F.SOARES joining from Moreirense FC for 21k and M.HERNÁNDEZ. We've got a lot of central midfielders at the moment, but it seems to be the area where the best risers are so hopefully it won't be too long before the team is strengthened elsewhere with the money from selling on these risers.

Another interesting tidbit is that 25 year old Dario SOUCASE (70 rating), who seemed to be the starting striker before I arrived, had 7 goals in 6 games in a mid-table team. That's an insane 1.17 goal per game ratio. He must really love the club and I hope that love of playing for Real Madrid C rubs off on some of the new signings I've brought into the club recently.

The next game is away at Molde FK, a very strong team who are currently in 3rd. That'll be a tough challenge which might see the return of negative, defensive football for us in the hope of getting a result but we'll see what the future has in store.

Another post to come in a few days, thanks for reading!

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #7 - 24/02/2020

League Position: 9th out of 20, 28 points with +3 GD

The climb up the competition table continues! RMC grabs a solid 3-1 win away against Molde FK, with debutant striker MESSIAS getting the MOTM for a stellar performance including 1 goal and 2 assists. MAXIMIANO, our goalie, also had an excellent game, but this was to be expected from him if we were to come out of this defensive lockdown performance with a win. And, yet again, our main man CISS contributed with a goal - that's now 2 goals and 3 assists in 3 matches.

We've now climbed up to 9th, yet again only 3 points off the promotion play-off places. Our next game is at home to Wrexham, who are down close to the bottom of the table, so another good chance to grab some points hopefully. We've now tied the record for most wins and most games unbeaten at the club, so all positive signs so far.

A few new signings since the last post too:

- J.MESSIAS (72) joins from FC Crotone for 7k + D.SOUCASE + F.GANFORNINA [a sad goodbye to D.SOUCASE, who had one of the best scoring ratios for a player of his rating that I have ever seen]
- G.WEISSBECK (67) joins from FC Sochaux-Montbéliard for 1k + J.GARCÍA
- O.WIJNDAL (78) joins from AZ Alkmaar for 1k + R.NAVARRO
- C.EJUKE (78) joins from SC Heerenveen for 101k + I.GUTIÉRREZ

The midfield has been weakened slightly with the departures of I.GUTIÉRREZ and R.NAVARRO, but I feel the additions to the defence (O.WIJNDAL) and attack (C.EJUKE) more than make up for it.

All in all, another few postive days for Real Madrid C. Hopefully it continues for as long as possible!

Thanks for reading, another post to come in a few days.

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'Real Madrid C' in the custom game world, 'Club World Cup' (Game World ID: 413706)

Post #8 - 30/03/2020

League Position: 6th out of 20, 49 points with +11 GD

Been a while since I've updated this so figured I should make a post before it gets much further along in the season. It's continued to go well for RMC, but unfortunately our winning streak ended at the hands of FC Porto B, with another two losses coming in quick succession. Despite all this, we managed to get back on track with some wins again and have now cracked into the promotion places for the first time in 6th place, with a good run of games to come soon against teams towards the bottom of the table. So hopefully we'll maintain that position for a while.

The rating changes have started to come in thick and fast now too, and the team is really shaping up. The average rating of the best XI has shot up to 78, from a high of 73 before. Squad value has also reached 18.2M, which is already up about 4.5x from when I took over a month and a half ago. This all gives us a chance now to be properly competitive against the top teams in the division but there's still a long way to go until we're a dominant force in the league, so until then, RMC will just have to rely on grit and tactical nous.

There's still a long way to go this season and hopefully the team will solidify its position in the table and also improve rating-wise before the end of the season and our most likely best case scenario of promotion play-offs.

We'll see how things continue to go in our next game on Friday at home against Hitchin Town.

Until next time!

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