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Development League

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Since I have a few unused slots I thought I will launch a new game. So here is my new setup idea:

Development League

Empty Squads - 100 mil budget to start

2 Divisions x 8 teams each

Teams: Pick your favourite team. (This way you might get emotionally attached and won't leave after the first two losses :) )

Squad Cap: max. 30 players

Player Age Cap: 21 years - This is a talent league where you'll need to discover and sign great young players.

Player Rating Cap: 75 - There are plenty young talents out there rated 75 or lower...

Other Rules:

Starting balance: 50m

Economy Level: Normal

Player concerns: On

SMFA monitoring transfers: On

Can only offer cash to clubs in deals: No

No buying players from Unmanaged Clubs: Yes

No buying players from External Clubs: No

No buying players over the age of: 21

No buying players rated over: 75

Cannot do cash transfers over: 2m

Can only buy players with the same nationality as your club: No

Manager sacked if they finish in bottom: No

Manager must login to this Game World at least every: SM Default

Relegation: 3 teams

Promotion: 3 teams - Champions, Runners Up and the Play-Off winner.

I welcome any new ideas or suggestions that might be useful in creating this new league.

Please DO NOT apply for teams yet (unless you've been on these forums since the golden days)! I would like to invite a few friends and people I play with in other setups and they'll have the first choice in choosing a team!

So who's interested? :)


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Quick update ... 11 out of 16 teams so far. There are a few people I have invited but haven't replied yet.


1. Sicula Leonzio  -  Eddie Howe

2. Man Utd.  -  Sir Stephen Beddows

3. Fiorentina  -  Al B

4. Man City  -  Kopstar

5. Liverpool  - Jonathan Bougourd

6. Monza  -  Francesco Signorile

7. Plymouth Argyle -  Green1886

8. Glasgow Rangers -  Hairy Frog

9. Chelsea - Antonio D'Ambrosio

10. Philadelphia Union  -  Al Kemery






16.  I'll pick my team last - Loredan

If anyone wants to join, please let me know asap, there's only 7 spaces left.

Once we'll have everyone on board I will do a draw via the Random.org website to setup the two divisions.


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