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Custom GW, What would you like?

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So I seem to have the option to create gameworld for free due to my long-serving account.

Since the virus has caused a hit on global economy and freedom, I thought it might be a time for online games to flourish, or at least increase in activity.

Now here, list the type of gameworlds and limits you would like. Perhaps inspired by real-world conditions.

The objective is to keep the game exciting and challenging for all.


I was thinking a smaller based group, like 30 clubs ... I've seen some gw doing well like Kev.


Feel free to discuss.


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6 hours ago, jaybee said:

The best ones I'm involved in have maybe around 20 teams with two divisions of 24 with three divisions. Empty squads with a rating cap and squad cap

thanks for your feedback.

squad cap would be manually imposed. I don't think the game system has it. it is a fine rule though.

rating cap could work fine, maybe in subsequent seasons tweaks can be made, to slowly strengthen sides.

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