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Which of your teams players are your favourite: at the moment, in the past, and from your childhood. Also which players have you not seen (because you weren't born etc) but would have loved to have seen?

For me at the moment I am a big fan of our centre half Berra. In the J.J. years I liked Flogel. From the not too distant past it had to be "The Hammer of the Hibbees" John Robertson. My childhood fav. was Drew Busby. And the player who I most would have liked to have seen play was my dads fav, Dave Mackay.

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Re: fav players'

When i was younger=

1. Gianfranco Zola= magician with the ball, didn't score as many as i thought but he assisted Sparky, Flo and Vialli with soo many goals and he scored special ones.

2. Di Matteo= great player, most memorable for his 40 odd second goal in the FA Cup final, he was fantastic and gave his all for the club.It was ashame that he broke his leg as he had more seaons to give to the blues.

3. Gustavo Poyet= i loved this guy and thought he was a great player. I remember him for the goal when he jumped in the air wen to kick it with his left foot and then brought his right foot theough to volley and score. It was close between him Petrescu and Wisy but this guy was the nuts.


1. Essien= i think this guy is better than Lampard and i rate him very highly, he does soo many good games for Chelsea and is the heart of the midfiled and he is such a versatile player.

2. Carvalho- JT cannot play without him, he is a great player and some say dirty i say clever, yes he is a dirty player (standing on players toes a lot) but i think that is a aign of a good defender and a smart player as he dont get caught.

3. Jon Harley- mates with JT, i think he was underrated at Chelsea and i thoought he was a great player and hated it when hee left Chelsea, but i still like watching him play now.

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Re: fav players'

Fav Team - Celtic

Fav Players (Past) - Larsson, Sutton, Agathe.

Fav Players (Current) - Nakamura, Hesselink, McManus

Would loved to have seen - Kenny Dalglish, Jimmy ''Jinky'' Johnstone and the rest of the Lisbon Lions (I've seen the final, but no regular games :( )

Hopefully I'll take a liking to new boys Mizuno, who's looking nice, and Hinkel, who, IMO, has made a good start and will combine well with Naka.

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Guest melbguy1

Re: fav players'

Fav team: derr.. Juve

Fav players that I wish I was older at the time to really appreciate:




Van Basten

Fav players since I have been old enough to appreciate:




the real Ronaldo

Del Piero


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Re: fav players'

FAV TEAM -Ac Milan (early 90s)

Fav players past

Marco Van Basten

Gianfranco Zola

Ruud Gullit


Jean Pierre Papan

Marcel Desailly

Charles M'Babazi Livingston

Paul McGrath

Andy Townsend


Jan Huntelaar (attributes Van Basten like)

John Obi Mikel

Arjen Robben

Samir Nasri



Keith Fahey

Mark Quigley

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Re: fav players'

Im a Newcastle fan:

Present Newcastle: Taylor and Milner.

Present world: Kaka, Messi and Ibrahimovic.

Past Newcastle: Too many to mention really. Shearer, Ferdinand, Ginola, Asprilla, Robert, Dyer, Bellamy.

Past World: Would have loved to have been able to watch Pele in the flesh, what a legend. Also recent past: Bergkamp, George Weah, Ronaldo - I know he still plays but he was awesome in the late 90's.

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Re: fav players'

Fav Team: Past: AC Milan Early 90's, Manchester United 90's, Shels Mid 90's-2006

Fav Team b4 My Time: B) Celtic 67 Perhaps

Fav Team Now: Lyon Are Pretty Spectacullar Last Few Seasons..

Fav Players Past: Baresi, (Rossi,Milan GK) Schemiciel, Weah,Boban, Savisavic, Keane, Steven Geoghan & Tony Sheriden

Fav Players b4 My Time/Never Really Saw: Maradonna,Best

Fav Players Now: Maldini,Totti,Messi,Ronaldo,Keane,Ruud,Kaka, Larsson, Hoolahan :rolleyes:

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Re: fav players'

My Favorite Team is: Chelsea :eek::D Obviously

Favorite players of the past:

Zola- My idol growing up

The old Jimmy Floyd- The dutchman might not be bringing the heat he brought at Chelsea, but he's still one of my favorite players even though now he's kinda bad

Favorite Players Now:

Essien- Like Matty said, great player, my favorite player to ever play the game actually, for my birthday I wanna get his jersey hopefully signed :o. For many reasons he is Chelsea's most valuable player I rate him highly.

Terry- Having him on the field actually helps us play better. He's a good mental advantage for Chelsea who need his guidance, same with Lamps.

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Re: fav players'

favourite team:liverpool

favourite b4 my time:kenny dalgish, ian rush

favourite in the past:Luis Garcia,Robbie Fowler,Michael Owen,Stephane Henchoz,Jamie Redknapp,Danny Murphy,El Hadji Diouf

favourite at present:Steven Gerrard,Fernando Torres,Ryan Babel,and Harry Kewell

outside of liverpool present:Lionel Messi,Alexander Hleb, Emmanuel Adebayor,Nicolas Anelka,Van Nistelroy, Dimitar Berbabtov, Miroslav Klose, Frank Ribery

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Re: fav players'

My favourite team: Arsenal,

*Celtic, As i was born in scotland and you gotta support your local team too*

Favourite in the past: Ian Wright!! *Great on and off the pitch*, Henrik Larsson *does he still play??*

My favourite at the Mo: Thierry Henry!!! wat a legend!!, Kolo toure!, Patrick Veira, Robinho and Messi.

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