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Need tactical help.

Kurt angle

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So last year I played the 4-2-3-1B and came 6th with an average enough squad compared to the league. I have now improved my team and it has got worse for me. I changed to a 3-1-3-3 formation today and lost 3-0 to Hertha Berlin who aren't even good. 


I should be the stronger team in most games but it is not showing. Here are my squad and current results so what is a good tactic to try with a strong team? Most of these teams are unmanaged so I should be beating them!





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The 4-3-2-1 (christmas tree) is also good against strong teams but without using playmaker and  with deffensiv mentality and and direct passing style. If your opponent much better than you, I suggest this. I had some 0-0 with this formation.( You can choose slower tempo and long balls if the draw is your target.)



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You can forget pressing all over, but if you play counter- attacks you should use pressing own half because you must  get the ball. If you choose pressing in your area, your team will face with an organised opponent when they get the ball and it is impossible to make a counter attack. I think it is good when you are playing with long balls. 

I think attacking in the flanks with that formation would be idiot thing. With 5-4-1B formation, you can attack in the flanks.

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17 minutes ago, Palpiero said:

What do you think... Using a formation defensiva 4-5-1 or eg 5-4-1 and instructions ofensive?

Do you think its a good ideia??

Defensive 4-5-1 can be good against wide formations but offensive 5-4-1 seems to me a pointless thing

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18 minutes ago, Palpiero said:

What about formation like 4-3-3A do you think you have any instructions good to go??


I  play in 4-3-3 only against unmanaged teams, But they often use 4-2-3-1B and against this, it isn't the best option. To be honest I prefer the counter tactics than offensive tactics. So I don't want to tell tactics which wasn't tried by me many times.

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10 minutes ago, Palpiero said:


The problem i see is if the other team play Atack by The wings and you dont have many players in the outside.

Atack on the Middle is real a good ideia?

And if a change to Atack in the Wing what instructions do you suggest?

Sometimes it isn't a problem to let the wings to the opponent if you don't let spaces in the middle ( it is the base idea of zone defense, but sorry I forgot take the tick off from tight marking)

Attacking on the middle not problem

With this formation you can't attack on the wings ( as you mentioned there are no players outside). If you want it you can play in 4-4-1-1. Thats also a good formation. If you want I make a print screen from that.

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26 minutes ago, Palpiero said:

Yes please. Send me the print screen

So tight marking you dont use?


Yes in 4-3-2-1 I don't use tight marking, but in 4-4-1-1 it is necessary.


12 minutes ago, Palpiero said:

.....your Playmaker os the Number 10?? Right?

In that formation Alberto is the playmaker, but you play without a playmaker so it doesn't matter.


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