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European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

First game in charge and get a win at top placed Udinese...

Good game AsianInvasion!!

Still relegated though....

Signs are good' date=' will be straight back up next season......[/quote']

Good game, but a bit annoyed that Arda Turan is now banned for 3 games, and Di Natale and Montenegro have got 2 more matches to sit out :mad: .

Got about 4.5 Million for finishing first, which brings me out of the red, and will probably be looking to bring in another keeper and some more midfielders.

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

meanwhile... Bayern Munich' date=' for winning the league receive a massive *drum role* .... [b']£2.7 million[/b] :o:P , which give them a final total of £5.6 mil :eek: . As you can see Bayern are going to be spending mad throughout the season break :rolleyes:

Rather unfair methinks. Especially considering your team has been the best team in the competition (arguably). Probbaly the one negative of this league set-up. The teams starting in the bottom are unfairly penalised n this respect and gate receipts etc. It's no wonder we're losing managers :rolleyes:

Anyway congrats mate on your season and you're surely a cert. for the manager of the season ;)

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread



Liverpool are the first European Nations champions.

A great first season ended in Kev's Liverpool winning the first Division championship.

Asked after the final game of the season how did Kev manage to win the title? he replied.

"It's simple really,we won more games than anyone else,we conceded less goals than anyone else and we ended up with more points than anyone else":)

Alot of people are saying you were lucky and are shocked you are champions,what do you have to say on this subject?.

"Well at the end of the day the table doesn't lie and to be honest we were very steady all season and were quietly confident we could win the league"

So where do Liverpool go to now?

"Well we are hopefully going to defend our title in season 2 but there are 3 strong Spanish teams joining the division in Barcelona,Zaragoza and Valencia.Tom Pham's Barcelona particularly look a very strong side."

"We are also hoping to strengthen our side and are currently looking at the transfer market"

Of all your squad who do you acredit as being the player who won the title for you?

"It is very hard to pick out a specific player as it was a team effort but a few have been outstanding all season.Torres and Pavlyuchenko scored some important goals for us as did Kiessling and Stevie G was impressive in his captains roll.If i had to pick one it would be Yuri Zhirkov who had a great season on the wing and chipped in with five goals.


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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread


Barcelona News

Barcelona 3-0 Athletic Bilbao

Barcelona host Athletic Bilbao at the Nou Camp and a win would ensure them the title of Division 2 and prize money of around 7.5M. Barcelona have already been promoted and Athletic Bilbao are safe. Barcelona field a full strength team, so did Bilbao.

1: BOOKED - Fernando AMOREBIETA for gamemanship

3: GOAL!! - Samuel ETO'O thunders in an overhead kick! Fanastic athleticism!

17: GOAL!! - Alessandro NESTA volleys it into the back of the net

35: BOOKED - Lionel MESSI gets a yellow card after shouting abusive language

51: GOAL!! - Juan Román RIQUELME finds himself in yards of space and he makes no mistake from 15 yards!


((Alessandro Nesta gets his first Barcelona goal))



Barcelona are champions of Spain after beating Athletic Bilbao 3-0 at home. Barcelona together with Valencia and almost unbeaten Zaragoza are promoted to face Team England. After winning the league, Barcelona have been awarded with 7.8M and now with a budget of 40.6M, Barcelona will do quite a few pre-season signings.

Pham had a lot to say about winning the league: "I am very happy to win such a tight league. I am very proud of my boys, and we are looking to do well in the English League next season. I will be aiming for a top two finish but there are many great managers and teams out there that could challenge us. I am looking to tie up a deal for Nani and a few more players with my hefty budget. I was surprised that my boys played very well since the game against Athletic Bilbao at San Mames. Since then, we went undefeated for ten games, winning eight games, with two draws against Real Madrid and Valencia."

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread


Real Betis News

Just seconds after the Derby finished 1:1, Manager Blanck aka watlw, seemed to be furious with his team and did not want to comment on the Team missing promotion.

Though today Blanck seemed to be in a totally diferent mood and kindly responded to the media interest.

Obviously I was very unhappy yesterday, but within the last hours, i came to the conclusion, that it is better for us to not achieve promotion. This way I can strengthen the squad without pressure. We wouldn't have been ready for Div1 anyway, as the squad is too unstable and we would have been getting relegated most likely.

Transfer speculations

Fernandez Luis Garcia failed to impress at Betis and will most likely leave after just one season. The price Tag is said to be around 20 Million (Rating 91).

Same goes for CM Sergio Gonzalez, though he could be leaving for a lot less. 10-12 Million (Rating 90)

Blanck has had an eye on Stuttgarts Forward Cacau, who could be joining Betis to strengthen the Squad for next season.

Other Transfer Targets could be Leverkusens' Simon Rolfes & Wolfsburgs' Anunciado Josue.

Most importantly, Blanck is looking to sign a new LB, as the likes of Mathieu didn't impress him at all. Possible Candidates could be Maxwell Scherer, Carvalho Kleber, Fernando Navarro and Juan Vargas.

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Aston Villa Football Club


Aston Villa have ended the season in 4th place. The team, who were hot favourites for the drop, proved every person, who thought they will drop, wrong. Villa boss Samir was left with alot of confidence by finishing in such a high position going into the new season.

Now who said my team will be relegated? :P

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Betis Fan attacks Sevilla Manager!

Yesterday, after Sevilla and Betis drew, a furious Betis Fan attacked FC Sevilla Coach, GeorgeECFC


I'm really sorry that such things still happen and i hope George is well. Its sad that these ppl call themselves fans and we will make sure something like that wont happen again.

Just minutes after the attack, the fan was caught on the parking lot and brought to prison.


Thief! Thief, FC Sevilla! We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever! They have stolen our precious!

Real Betis will be fined for the incident.

The Spanish Football Federation's Competition Committee has ruled that Betis will have to play their next three matches with FC Sevilla Jerseys



That really is Humiliation to us and we are gonna appeal against that decision!

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread


After being confirmed relegated, Atletico Madrid boss Tom Greenfield has confirmed lots of top profiles sides are very keen on the two hotshots upfront Diego Forlan and Sergio Aguero. "No secret they're great players, but I can admit lots of teams now want the unsettled duo, and I cant help that,"

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Sevilla have confirmed that they are interested in Atletico star Sergio Aguero, but refused to give details of a possible deal that could take place.

It's rumoured that Fredi Kanoute as well as someone else would be offered to tempt Tom into selling, but the club remain silent.

Although the club were relegated the squad isn't expected to see much change, although George confirmed he had a few targets and would see what he can do to bring them in.

And speaking of the attack on him last night, George said "I can't even remember it to be honest, the last thing I can remember is throwing a brick at a Betis fan...... oops ermm ah I didn't say that :o "

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Breaking News!

Brick Thrower caught on Camera!


The media have snapped up a picture of George throwing a brick at the Betis Fans. Did this initialise the attack on him?

Gollum will stay under arrest, but The Spanish Football Federation's Competition Committee have reversed their decision to make Betis play in FC Sevilla Jerseys, after seeing this shocking picture and will now start investigate against Sevillas' Manager George.

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread



Matt Hillman has taken over Celtic to help the 'Rest of Europe'. He has a decent size squad with some good young players. The on problem with the team is that they finished last last season. Named the worst team in the league Matt will need to make the team gel before the start of next season.

He has his eye on two players at the moment as he wanst to create good attcking football at the champians of Scottland.


Aiden McGeady is said to be the biggest star at Celtic but Matt is not naming him as there star player. He has a few players in mind and has said

"I am hoping to bring in around 4 players next season, but i will need backing from the chairman. With only £1.7 million in the bank at persent i am not going to be ambitious with my signings. i am hoping i will get around 6 million from the chairman which i will use to bring in atleast one new name into Glasgow. I ask my fellow managers not to ask too much of me next season as it is going to be a challange to get up the table, but i hope i can more than 14 points, the score this season."

Matt is asking any managers, in his team or not for players 89+ to loan next season.

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Sporting Getting Ready

Sporting have now begun working on players for next season. As the manager will have to leave for 2 weeks, he wants to do everything NOW!!

He is mainly interested in a CF. Anyone with a CF for sale please contact the manager at ---------------- (Didn't actually thing I'll tell you, did you :rolleyes:)

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Bayern players for sale:

Jansen (91) - Cash deal or P/E

Ze Roberto (92) - P/E

Ottl (88) - Cash or P/E

Breno (88) - P/E

Sosa (88) - Cash or P/E

Ben is also interested in signing a LB, young wing and possibly a forward. All these players available for P/E.

Ben has also declared his interest for Aguero, but doubts he will want to play in 3rd flight football.

Plz PM me to arrange any deal ;) .

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Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread

Villarreal News

New Contracts Are Signed By Players

Giuseppe Rossi For 5 Years

Ruben Cani For 5 Years

Matias Fernandez For 5 Years

Claverias Paco Montanes For 5 Years

Joan Capdevila For 4 Years

Villarreal Fans Go Crazy After Villarreal Drops To Division 3


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