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Up or Downgrade?

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Atalanta's team need upgrade for all players. It's mean that if a player play for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Liverpool, Juve and other big club, can upgrade to 92/93. If he play in Atalanta can arrive to 91/92 max. It's stupid.

So some downgrade are no sense. As Lacazette, 92>91. Why? Or Ibra, he's one of the best striker (38 y.o.) after Lukaku and Ronaldo in Serie A, he's only 90. Or Real Madrid players (Carvajal best RB in the world from 4 years, only 92 despite won 3 CL).
I can't understand. 

So the result is: if you play in a big team you are wonderful player if u play in Atalanta, Rennes, Herta, Celta Vigo, Sheffield UTD, you can't have 93/94 rate? ?

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