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I have just opened up a new PRIZE world called IT'S A ROLLOVER (428308).


This world has a PRIZE of 20,000 credits. The PRIZE will be allocated at the end of the season to one of the 100 teams within the world. It will be allocated randomly , If the team is managed by a human manager he/she will get 20,000 credits. If the team is unmanned then the PRIZE will rollover to the next season and be added to another 20,000 credits.


In season 1 you will not be allowed to buy from any unmannaged team.  From season 2 onwards you will be allowed to buy from unmannaged teams.

You must take part in one of my NON PRIZE worlds to take part in any of my PRIZE worlds. If you leave the NON PRIZE world at anytime during the season of the PRIZE world, you must leave the PRIZE world.


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There are changes to this world for season 2.

You are allowed to buy from unmanaged teams from this season on.

Here is the PRIZE structure for Season 2.

Div 1=4,000 credits

Div 2=8,000 credits

Div 3=5,000 credits

Div 4=2,000 credits

Div 5=1,000 credits

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