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European Nations Table


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The European Nations table will be posted here after every turn.

Here are the star players for each team.

Zaragoza - Milito

Spurs - Berbatov

Atletico - Forlan

Bilbao - Yeste

Everton - Cahill

Roma - Totti

Inter - Ibrahamovic

Santander - Garay

Lyon - Benzema

Real Betis - Rafael Sobis

Hamburg - Rafael Van der Vaart

Aston Villa - John Carew

Real Madrid - Vannistelrooy

Valencia - David Villa

Chelsea - Didier Drogba

Juventus - Buffon

Bayern - Toni

Manu - Ronaldo

Rangers - Kris Boyd

All managers have until turn 5 to nominate their star player.

All star defenders will be awarded points for clean sheets for their teams.

Below are the rules for the points.

Wins - 2pts (Each win!!)

Draw - 1pt

Most goals scored per nation each turn - extra 2pts

Division winners - 30pts

Division Runners Up - 20pts

3rd Place - 10pts

Highest Top scorer (End of Season) - 20pts

Team of the month - 20pts (Including Results, performance, Transfers)

Player of the month (Performance)(Goals) - 20pts

Manager of the Month(Wins)(Biggest Change in position) - 20pts

Cup winners - 50pts

Cup runners up - 25pts

Shield winners - 50pts

Shield Runners up - 25pts

Most goal difference (End Of Season) - 10pts


Negative goal difference(End Of Season) - -10pts (each!)

Most Negative Goal Difference after Game Number 5 - -10pts


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Re: European Nations Table

Star Players


Tottenham - Dimitar Berbatov

Everton - Tim Cahill

Aston Villa - John Carew

Chelsea - Drogba

Manchester United - Ronaldo

Arsenal - Eduardo Silva

Liverpool - Torres

Manchester City - Diego

Newcastle United - Crespo

Blackburn Rovers - Santa Cruz


Real Madrid - Ruud Van nistelrooy

Valencia - David Villa

Real Betis - Rafael Sobis

Barcelona - Eto'o

Villareal - Undecided

Racing Santander - Tamudo

Athletico Bilbao - Yeste

Athletico Madrid - Aguero

Sevilla - Nasri

Real Zaragoza - Diego Milito


Juventus - Trezeguet

AS Roma - Totti

Internazionale - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Milan - Kaka

Lazio - Rocchi

Udinese - Di Natale

Atalanta - Undecided

Fiorentina - Mutu

Palermo - Amauri

Parma - Undecided

Rest Of Europe

Rangers - Boyd

Celtic - Venegoor

FC Porto - Lisandro Lopez

Benfica - Undecided

Bayern Munchen - Toni

Lyon - Vagner Love

Hamburg SV - Van Der Vaart

Ajax - Makaay

PSV - Undecided

Sporting - Bobo

No more swaps as it it getting out of control. This is the final nominations for star players. Only way it can change is if your star player is sold!

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Re: European Nations Table

:D People Who have already swapped Star players:-

Santander - Garay to Tamudo

Juventus - Buffon To Xavi

Lyon - Benzema To Vagner Love

These 3 clubs will not be able to swap star players anymore. If they are to swap without me recognising then a deduction of 20points per team.:P

This page will be edited after every swap.

Everyone has until turn 2 to nominate a star player. Unmanaged clubs have automatically nominated their star striker.

Points being counted up by:-

England - Tom Pham

Spain - Sparky

Italia - Premiership

ROE - Insider

Do not forget!!!:)

PS - A new deduction Rule has been added,

Most negative goal difference after Turn 5 = -10pts:)


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Re: European Nations Table

so the team with the worst GD in the entire setup gets a decrease for their nation?

Also' date=' how will we elect best player based on performance? Goals? Assists? Performance rating?

Think that aspect will be extremely difficult

EDIT:seen the performance bit[/quote']

Best player (end of year) will be elecetd by avergae performace, you can can find it on the setup>players>average performance :)

Negative goal difference just after game 5 will lose his nation 20pts... It can be anyone

Goalkeepers and defenders will gain points for keeping clean sheets, and strikers & midfielders for scoring :)

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Re: European Nations Table

Are the captains of each country responsible for implementing the non-EU players rule, or is this being controlled by one person? Just need to know who to clarify my non-EU exceptions with, thanks!!

I think my non-EU players are Naldo, Bordon, Mineiro and Emerton (whos TL-d anyway), as the others either have ACP-agreement or 2nd nationality.

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