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On 12/11/2020 at 7:15 PM, LauraAFCA said:

Yeah, this happens a lot with setups like these. Hope for this one we have a committed group of managers, and hopefully enough connections to find decent replacements if needed.

PS. If you need any managers to pull the clubs out of depth, I love a good rebuilding challenge so let me know.

Morning.  Definitely.  Would love you to join the party and take the competition up a bit.

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I've used a number generator based on the 32 teams and this is how the leagues will start off.

@hoochy koochy @gyanthecat @Milanista @Lowco @d5v1L @crvena_zvezda @Hfazil @Mele10 @RHugrakkur @TCLVikerz @russj @vinnylow @Lost soul @JBS @Cvilhete @LauraAFCA

Only thing I'm saying is: Not too much rules please..

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On 12/10/2020 at 10:20 AM, NickTheBiz said:

Interested here to see who everyone thinks has done well, particularly as no one seems concerned about wages and the impact that they will have before the first transfer ban is up.


I created a similar world in the summer (same budget, smaller teams) and some people learnt the hard way - and soon quit - as a result - GW 419938 btw :)

One of the toughest and most fun GWs. Any one up for a challenge to truly test themselves. Please join. . 

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On 12/10/2020 at 3:46 AM, TCLVikerz said:

Is everyone having fun? Coz I certainly am!

First time playing with blanks. And I feel like "manager" this time, unlike in my other GW, basically just become top players collector.

My team consist of star player, old guards, rising star, and bunch of squad players. Sadly, a bit on the old side, would love to add more youth for my team. Oh well...

Overall, I'm content with my squad. Definitely could be better. And I'm ready to be in big debt 😅

First day was a mess, my mindset were still collecting top players, a lot of panic buys from me. Excited to get Zlatan, but I regret most of my purchase on the first day.

Next few days was better. Thanks to Hrodulf that remind me about salary, I searched for lower rated player. My only regret was getting Candreva 🤣. Now I have excess winger/midfielder, bad for salary. Basically I was in bid war for Mkhitaryan, Podence, and Candreva (only wanted 1 player). Didn't have a lot of time to check SM due to my time zone and had a late online class. Before sleep, I knew that I'm in 3rd place for both Mkhi and Podence, that's why I didn't withdrew Candreva bid. I thought transfers will be completed at 6:30AM my time (23:30 GMT). But with my surprise, I woke up with Candreva already in my team 😆 and the other managers withdrew their bid for Podence. But can I not accept Podence for minimum value? Ofc not. Oh well, Podence must wait on the bench then, and learn from Candreva, the crossing sensei 🤣


PS: I played in Indonesian league using team with 40k capacity, less than 10k average attendance. And I kept making small losses every 2 weeks, my total wages only 141K. I think I might f up big time with my Borneo almost have 1M in wages 😭😭

Glad to hear you are enjoying the league so far. It's much more of a challenge I think as lots to consider when building squad.

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