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Reporting illegal transfers

Joseph Johnson

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I am in a gameworld where one manager sold Ter Stegen, Van Dijk, and De Bruyne to one team. All of them were sold for the lowest possible transfer amount. Once the new season started the same manager sold Mbappe to him for the lowest possible transfer amount even though I had made a larger transfer offer. There is a 3rd account in the gameworld that has sold Alexander-Arnold to this same team for the lowest possible transfer amount as well. I reported the multiple accounts and a ticket was made for that. However, I previously have tried reporting these deals and no ticket was ever made for them.


It has been going on for a long time now where tickets are not made for transfers I report. The last one I see in my SMFA tickets was 2014. Nine of the 12 transfers I reported between 2012 and 2014 were overturned so I don't think I was abusing it. Has this feature been removed?

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