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Seriously, I'm sick of logging on in every game world, 33 of them, paying to be a gold member, just to watch a game with another ridiculous result. Game world after game world week in and week out. Who the hell is operating or managing this freakin joke of an engine? 

The engine is stuck on the Ronaldo's and Messi's. Seriously, every season either one gets the boot or player of the season. Then Ronaldo's rating should be 110 but it dropped. My whole Bayern Munchen team rose in rating, on average 93 in tonight's game but we lose to a team similar in rating but with an average age of 28 whilst my team is on average 24. Donnarumma is apparently 91 but he has the least clean sheets, what the hell, how can he be 91 according to your ratings???? I have Haaland, Kimmich, Coman, Son, Dybala, Gnabry...but 2 shots on target against 8...so how the hell canKimmich be 95 and Haaland be 92 ????? Seriously, Ronaldo just touches the ball then he scores, at age 35 where Haaland is 20!!!!!!How the hell can Haaland or Son not get any shot at goal. They should be running circles around the old guys, but not according to this idiotic engine? 

Seriously, fix the stupid engine and fix your bad English in the commentary. Also, "SUPERMAN" goalkeepers. I have a 88 rated Unam team and I beat Sao Paolo who is rated 94 just because my keeper Vaclic got a 10. Ridiculous!!!! And Becker let 2 slip past him by my 87 rated strikers. But Ronaldo and Messi never has a bad night. mmmmmmm...seems the engine is totally psycho!!!! Then the same happens to me against weaker teams in other game worlds. 

The engine is not transparent and definitely stuck on certain players and full of bugs. Fix the shyte seriously SMFA, why do we have to pay gold to be entertained by a 3rd rate game engine. Put in the work in development and more managers will play, everyone complains about the ridiculous results. Go read the posts but you are probably to busy spending our money on the single player games...seriously sort your shyte out SM!!!!!!

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