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English League Ratings

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The English leagues have just had their ratings reviewed. I am left highly surprised by the outcomes on a lot of players. I really feel SM has got it wrong with a fair few. I just wanted to get the thoughts of others. Maybe I'm wrong but based on a few factors, the main players ratings that bothered me are: (current rating: what they should be)

Ederson (93:94)

Foden (89:90)

Vardy (92:93)

Firmino (94:93)

Aubameyang (94:93)

Henderson (92:93)

Ings (90:91)

Vardy and Ings have been fantastic for at least a couple of years and in comparison Martial is a 91. Ederson has kept the most prem clean sheets for the last 18 months. Firmino and Aubameyang are hanging on by reputations only. Henderson is a huge player on a very competitive Liverpool team and has out performed Thiago and Wijnaldum (both rated higher than him). Foden I can accept being 89 but he's been one of City's best performers this season and when you look at other 89 rated players - he is clearly better than them. In most cases, its only a rating difference of +/- 1 but still... what do others think?

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On 3‏/2‏/2021 at 20:48, Sir Rahul said:

مرحبا زميلى. 

لا أعتقد أن إيدرسون يستحق 94 - كم من الشباك النظيفة يعود إلى الدفاع أمامه؟

سيحصل Foden على 90 مراجعة تالية.

فاردي 93 ، نعم ، قضية عادلة. 

كان يجب أن يسقط أوبا.

هندرسون يستحق 93.

إنغس بخير عند 90 وحدة ضغط جوي.

انت محق زميلي

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