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Sebastian Frey to A.C milan?

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Frey has been linked with a strong move to A.C after SUPERB performances for fiorentina.

It is suggested that milan will go as far as offering money AND gilardinho in the deal.

With new boy pato setteling in very well it looks like poor old(ish-:D ) gilardinho will be gone.

The reason im posting in this section is that i strongly feel frey will hit 92

AND altho this is a section for young talent i feel he is still a talent!

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Re: Sebastian Frey to A.C milan?

Its true we have been linked. I have heard we listed a shortlist of a suggested 7 Goalies that we had scouted. That is particuarly why Desailly who is a Milan scout which some of you may not know has been sited at quite a few games that Milan have now been linked to's GK's etc.

I think its a shame we have waited so long to buy Frey.

I doubt that Gilardino will go in exchange although I do feel we will bid pretty highly and get rejected time and time again because of them being a Serie A rival.

We will replace Dida and I do hope it is Frey that does replace him but I very much doubt it.

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