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Bargain buys (italian league)

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Guest Oliver Husseini

Re: Bargain buys (italian league)

thats being a bit harsh he is injured !

oliver' date=' if you have an inter season cambiasso will rise to 94

so play him there instead[/quote']

infact i have him for my chelsea in an English Championship, and im trying to get into a deal for robinho although i guess it's over now, i will try for rosicky.

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Re: Bargain buys (italian league)

does anyone have any idea what zapata of udinense may increase to??? ive seen the boy play this season and ive been really impressed by him...kept pato quiet!!!!

Its either going to be a 89 or a 90, if its an 89 it will be one of thoose ones where they want him to prove himself as a 90. so possibly 89 now.. 90 next change.

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Guest msissio

Re: Bargain buys (italian league)

He has played in only two matches with the senior squad (Coppa Italia). Yet has scored in each appearance. I think if he goes upo at all it will only be 1 or 2.

Check that, he has now scored 3 goals in 3 appearnaces for Milan. If he scores again on Wednesday expect him to rise to at least half of however much Pato increases.

I know that was confusing but I don't care! :D

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