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Insider presents : Nordin Amrabat


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I’m insider again, cause I feel like I’m ready to get back to posting in this, the player talent scout section, my home.

First of all, I’d like to present one of my favourite players. He was mentioned twice before on the forum, by me in the mega-Dutch thread, where I put him in the “keep an eye on” section. Well, I haven’t taken my eye off him since. I set my VCR to tape the VVV-PSV and VVV-AJAX matches just for him. Though he didn’t score, he was one of the most fearless player’s I’ve seen, sometimes taking on the PSV defenders 1 on 4, and always coming out of it with the ball. He was also mentionned by teb in the EC 1 thread.

Before the season, pundits were saying VVV would finish dead last. Now, they say that if Amrabat wouldn't've been there, they would be dead last. He and Ofrany have both been superb, but it's Amrabat they are raving about. He has scored 6 this season in 20 matches. Articles say that there isn't a team in Holland that isn't interested. VVV got him from Omniworld, 16th in Jupiler league last season, at the beginning of the season and he's under contract until 2010. VVV are currently 13th of 18.

How long will he stay? Well, February cannot come fast enough. Heerenveen have already seen an offer rejected, and VVV expect more, notably from Heerenveen, Twente and Gronigren, three of the leading development sides in Holland. Amrabat will most likely be moving on to bigger things soon.

On a team like VVV, where rating climb to 84, he should be a step above the rest. Double the goals of anyone else.

For now though, Amrabat will keep on impressing at VVV, right at the top of the Dutch class. He wants to be in Beijing this summer, but has yet to decide between Holland or Morocco.

So for now, Insider presents : Nordin Amrabat.


Youtube video of Amrabat

Website dedicated to Amrabat news

Story on Amrabat

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Re: Insider presents : Nordin Amrabat

Nordin Amrabat stas for this season -

18 starts , 2 sub (1684mins) and 6 goals

The VVV team has had a sort of revival by going unbeaten for 6 games most notably snatching draws against Ajax , PSV and Feyenoord. All thanks to Amrabat and other youngsters in the team .

He has had several call-ups to the Netherlands u-21 team which is a good indication .

VVV Venlo have rejected an offer from Heerenveen for the striker .

Great find Insider , you are back to what you do best.

Wish i can double rep you.

Keep it up:)

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Re: Insider presents : Nordin Amrabat

just to add....

This guy has now been in great form in the Dutch league, his stats to date are:

27 games, 8 goals, 5 assists

2228 mins

I think he's stats are great for a lower table team and he will be a great player when he moves to a bigger club.....currently theres a number of clubs after him with PSV now looking as the favourites to have him next season....


i think he should get a rise to a rating of about 85 in the next rating changes and he could become a full international next year if he moves to PSV

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Re: Insider presents : Nordin Amrabat

Do you think Ayew + 1' date='4 for Amrabat is a good deal? I would've liked to keep Ayew, he is one for the future, but i don't have other players that i could trade :([/quote']

Are there any others who have transfer bans expiring in the next month? If so, wait a few weeks and deal them.

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