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After long talks, Belgium and Netherlands have decided to be to merge their leagues into one.
Each team will play each other twice, along with 2 promoted and relegated every season. 


Gameworld ID - 438644

Division 1

Ajax - Pip
PSV - Stephen Partington
AZ Alkmaar - Mr. Magoo
Vitesse - Buck Mcbeer
Feyenoord - Steven Nightingale
Club Brugge KV - Ron van Dijke
RSC Anderlecht - paulo parentes
KRC Genk - Padraig Corcoran
Standard Liege - Mike Dave
KAA Gent - Red Bull


Division 2

FC Utecht - Ben-SCFC (Forum)
FC Groningen - Mr sifter
Sparta Rotterdam - Aritz Aduriz
SC Heerenveen - The Lion
FC Twente - La Revolution
Royal Antwerp - Michael Chen
KV Oostende - joseba zilarte
KV Mechelen - cal cal
K Beerschot VA - Craig Tunney
Zulte Waregem - Filippo I

Hall of Shame

Sir Grumps - Vittesse (Games managed: 2, Points: 1)
Mattias H - FC Twente (Games managed: 1, Points: 1)
Coccia Pelata - Vitesse (Games managed: 3, Points: 3)
RhysTheSingingPostman - Standard Liege (Games managed: 4, Points: 5)
Victor Toletvm - FC Twente (Games managed: 2, Points: 0)
RONNY - K Beerschot VA (Games managed: 4, Points: 4)

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Best Beginning of the Season Signings

A. DAVIES to Club Brugge KV (32.0M)
P. FODEN to KV Mechelen (28.0M)
M. MOUNT to FC Utrecht (28.0M)
F. CHIESA to Zulte Waregem (24.0M)

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