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Official Chelsea FC Thread

Guest CHELSEA NO.1 YOUTH !!!!!

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Fully deserved win by Southampton' date=' congrats to them![/quote']

Think it was mostly about us sucking. Didn't think Soton were particularly good either. Barely passable.

Only Begovic can be pointed out from the defence for doing well to be honest. Only saving grace for Azpil is that Ivanovic has been 6458 times worse than anyone.

[uSER=22456]Dreamers[/uSER] - I though Moses was our brightest spark in pre-season' date=' he's done really well at West Ham so far too.[/quote']

Azpi is just fine defensively, he's doing this job, though his job isn't particularly complicated. Just in the offensive third he's never a contributor

Nobody in the club could've anticipated that the entire squad is basically paralyzed and none of the players are playing at their level. Under normal circumstances, Moses is 3rd or 4th choice RM. Under bad circumstances, he becomes 2nd choice...so he was loaned out to give him the minutes he probably wants. Only under unprecedented circumstances was Moses to become relevant, which we happen to be in the middle of, oddly enough

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Can't sack Mourinho - that means giving him 30-37mil, that like 1 player Chelsea could of signed and then Who out there that wants the job

Chelsea back has been change, Midfeild is not solid and Costa, has age caught him?

Chelsea buying structure is all messed up, buy youngster that hardly get to 1st team or others for no reason/ don't play them and then sell on and mostly lose mils

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