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Official Chelsea FC Thread

Guest CHELSEA NO.1 YOUTH !!!!!

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Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Well, if the moment when Silva scored the winner for PSG ever becomes a "what were you doing when.." moment, then here's what Cahill and Terry was doing:

Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Probably mistook the ball for a sheep...

Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

I just can't see us challenging mate' date=' I can see Carlo getting sacked too.[/quote']

I disagree, 10 points seems a lot but with the teams we have left to play its still wide open in my eyes. We've been terrible away from home and we play soo many good sides away, we're bound to drop half a dozen points.

Seems I thought more about a Chelsea title challenge than their fans did..

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Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

If only i could find my quote i said months and months ago when chelsea were like 13 points behind and i said that yous still have a great chance in winning it ;)

And most chelsea fans here were like "no chance in hell".

I was saying it when we were like 15 points behind. Always said we were still in it. :)

My views on the starting line up is I'm happy with it, and that's what I was hoping Ancelotti would go for. I know Kalou isn't amazing, but he takes players on and always creates opportunities when he plays and him and Drogba always seem to play well together as well. Drog to be the big game player today.

2-1, I reckon. Wouldn't mind a 5-1 though ;)

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Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

Alex is warming up?! :eek:

I don't know if anyone just heard this but it said that David Luiz went up to Ancelotti while Hernandez was celebrating and they had a little spat and to either scare Luiz or to bring on another defender he told Alex to warm up.

The spat was due to the mistake Luiz made in the first goal...

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Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

Exactly. I was buzzing for this game as well' date=' thanks a lot lads. Really putting up a good fight, not as if it's the title at steak or anything here!!! :rolleyes:[/quote']

Think United will be eating Steak after this;)

All joking aside,Chelsea have started awful,no cohesion at all.Although 1 goal and there right back in it.

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