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How to get out/stay out of debt

Toro De Líbano

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First of all, I am unsure where i should post this, so resolved that this was the most appropriate place, as it is not about players and nothing to do with tactics.

I am making this to try and help people in order to stay out of debt, or , if they are in it, to try and get out. Even thoughi haven't seem many thread regarding this issue, i hope it will be available for future use, because I know that somone will come and ask, so this will be there for them to look that instead of posting a thread.

Firstly, I will define the true meaning of the word "debt":

1.Somthing that is owed, such as money, goods, services.

2.An obligation to pay or perform somthing; liability.

Staying Out

1. Know your targets!

You have to buy players appropriate of the stadium size, and their salaries. So you shouldn't buy players who are rated 96,97,98 when you only have a small stadium, where you will only get so much money. Even if you can afford to get them, thier wages will cause a slump in finances.When stadium upgrades come in, this will be minimised to an extent.

To know roughly the boundaries of ratings which your team will support, check out the original squad of your team

http://www.soccermanager.com/clublist.php?type=1 Again, stadium upgrades means the factors will vary among teams' stadium capacities, divisions etc.

Watch those wages!

The players aren't going to play for you for free, so it's important that you be careful that the total wages (can been viewed on the squad section of the team), aren't more than the amount you recieve in gate reciepts. Obviously how much you get depends on the stadium size, and the division that the team is in. Derbies will change this to a small effect, once they are implemented.

Also, you need to keep the sqaud size to a reasonable level. I reccomend around 30-50 players (total) is adequate. Too few players generally (not always) results in poor seasons, and too many tend to cost the team a lot of money in wages.

Getting out

1.Sell those money-wasters!

If the debt is fairly low (won't write an exact amount, as it varies on the club), then it may be the case that those that you don't play, for whatever reason, are simply causing the club to lose out. In this instance, you put them on the transfer list, and wait until a bid appears. The AI put in good bids now, so if a managed team doesn't bid, the AI will give you a very good price.

2.Go for broke

Somtimes, a club can experiece points where, for some reason, they fall under, and lose masses of cash. They become seriously high in debt, and selling cheaply will not help yuor cause. In this instance, you should go straight for the players' whose ratings are the highest. I know this will make the team worse, but if you can get good loans, and gel the team quickly with good tactics, there shouldn't be too much of a differnce.

In the past, there have been many people who have taken on the challenge of a club in debt. The most recent (I think, tell me if I'm wrong), and most miracolous, is Leamingtonsteve, who took over a West Ham United who were bottom of division 4, and over £25million pounds in debt. By selling the best players, getting good loans, and using good tactics, he was able to steer them away. It just goes goes to show that nothing is impossible:)

I hope this thread is of use, and thank you for taking the time to read this thread.

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