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Who are the touchiest fans on SM?

Who are the touchiest fans on SM?  

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Re: Who are the touchiest fans on SM?

"Does Not":D

Don't exactly think stereotype is justified as it seems that most United fans here do not know what they are talking about! :P:D

Despite their success' date=' what do they do? -Moan moan moan:D :D

btw, what kind of supporter am I huh? I should be backing my fellow supporters and be acting like an idiot! :P:D[/quote']

No mate, I mean in real life and not just on here.....On here OMG don't get me started about the plumbs on here......

You are a passionate fan who actually sees the truth mate;) ....(Apart from Ronnie :P )

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Re: Who are the touchiest fans on SM? The definition of a true supporter is one who fillows his/her team through thick or thin, when times are good or bad. I suspect most of the Liverpool supporters

Now i've seen time and time again people on this site who cannot take the slightest critcism of their team or their favourite player. The people who resort to swearing or start making things personal

Re: Who are the touchiest fans on SM? oops. There was supposed to be a poll attached but seems I don't know how to do them . If someone reads this please PM me and tell me how I can add a poll here?

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