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Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions.


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Ive been spending alot of time looking at the Italian Ratings lately and giving my opinions in the Italian Ratings Thread, so for the first time im gonna give my own thread a try.

Heres how it works, if you ask me if a player is going to Increase/decrease then I will give my honest opinion.

Happy Bargain hunting :)

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Re: Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions.

what about hildebrand? maniche? marcelo? gago? and higuain?

Since when did Hildebrand, Marcelo, Gago and Higuain play in Serie A? Maniche just moved there! I think you're on the wrong thread m8.

Anyways, just to help you out.






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Re: Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions.

Balotelli has made one sub app lasting 2 minutes so I think he could go to 75 not much higher though.

Pele has had 1 start and 6 sub app's 195 mins, I think well see him hit 80

Then we have Mr Giovinco who is considered Italys next big thing, he's currently on loan at Empoli from Juve. He's scored 3 goals from 8 Starts and 11 sub app's, with a total of 1001 mins played I think we can expect him to rise to 84/85 for now. I think he'll be back at Juve next season. Del Piero wont last forever and this seems to be the guy that will takeover his reins.

Hope that helps :)

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Re: Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions.

Here are some of my opinions...would provide stats but im not gonna be on here for long:-

Nocerino 87 --- 89....should be a 90 though i think but doubt he wil...yet

Hamsik 86 --- 89...been great this season and hes a full international too

Zapata 88 --- 89/90...has been a rock in defence, marked pato out of a game

Rosina 89 --- 90...performed very well this season

Pato 85 --- 88...people have said he should get 86 but imo hes playing for a massive club..yes they are under-achieving but he has played very well for them so far and has scored a few goals aswell...no way a forward who starts for milan can be as low as 86 when a player like gilardino (92) is on the bench

De Ceglie 80 --- 84

Cerci 78 --- 83/84

i currently have all these players in my squad...anyone think im being too optimistic with their ratings???

oh and does anyone know if Rincon may be due an increase??

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