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Ben's Guide to success in a GC


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Ben’s Guide: How to succeed in a Gold Championship

I have been very successful in the first Gold Championship I entered with German side Hertha BSC Berlin who are riding high in their league and aiming for a all Important European spot. So I decided to create this thread to help people who are new to GC’s. Here are my 10 tips on how to succeed in a gold Championship.

1. Key Players - Have a clear understanding at the start of which players from your team you wish to keep. Use a website like

ESPN Soccernet, or Guardian Sport, to find out how well your best players are doing in real life and what rating they will achieve in the next rating changes. Make sure all your ‘key players’ you do NOT sell unless you are able to bring in a player just as good or better.

2. Transfers/selling - When putting a player on the transfer list, always make sure you have good back-up in your squad, because you don’t want to be selling players for the sake of it. Never accept the first bid you get. I always wait a few days to find out all possible interest and how much clubs are willing to pay. Try sending out Pm’s to all clubs you feel would be suitable for buying this player (it takes a long time but really pays off). Always Negotiate with clubs you’ll be surprised how much you can push a club if they really want a player.

3. Transfers/buying – The first thing I do in a new Gold Championship is look on the transfer list and try and get a bargain or 2 if there is a player you want don’t be afraid to make a fast cash offer, in Gold 10 I managed to get Kasper Schmeical and Diego Capel for cheap cash. When offering players make sure the player you are buying is better and/or more important than the player that you are buying.

4. Big squads - Having a big squad is one of the most important things in the Gold Championships. My aim at the start of the Championship is to buy at least 2 good players in every position in the formation you are using. Also try to make sure you have a big youth squad of players who will start or make you a good profit in the long term. 10K players are some of the best/cheapest players to get and always pay off in the long term. The best of the 10K players can be found here.

5. Get your tactics right - It is crucial to get your tactics right in every single game in the Setup. If you forget/choose not to set your tactics in the Setup you will almost definitely lose. There are different tactics, which can be used to play against different teams tactics, but you are often best just to use a tactic/formation you are used to. All tactic help/information can be found on Sir Metz’s guide.

6. Know your expectations - at the start of the season you should make sure you give yourself expectations. eg. If you are a big club maybe set yourself a challenge to win the league and get a good run in the SMFA cup. But if you’re a smaller team you should set yourself a target to stay up and get a good run in the domestic shield. If you do not set yourself an expectation/aim you could easily find yourself fighting it out in a relegation battle and really underachieving.

7. Youth team – I find having a large youth squad one of the most important things in a GC. It is IMO the best way to make an easy profit. And a good way of bringing your future stars in to the club for a cheap price.

8. Loaning – If you are a small (or medium) club in a GC one of the first things to do is go round all the big clubs (PM’ing the managers if necessary) and making offers to loan players rated 87 – 90. You will find it so helpful further into the season. If you are a bigger club and wish to be loaning players off to clubs make sure you don’t loan any player who you think will play more than 3 games in the season. Remember the big squad rule above saying you need at least 2 (or 3) players in every positions so you’re not playing unfit players in the cups/shields.

9. The cup/shield – At the start of the season make sure you decide when you set your expectations if you are going to go all out to win one of the cups. If you decide you’re going to try and do well in the league then I would suggest playing your 2nd team in the cup and shield, as you don’t want to get a whole team of ‘NMF’s’ (not match fit). If you decide to go for the cup or shield you will need to play your 2nd stream of players in the league game before. My general rule is if a player is less than 80% fit do not start them. If you want to do well in all competitions I’d suggest a rotation system (you will need a big squad to do this).

10. Always stay active – Make sure you are an active manager and try to log on at least once a day. If you do not log on regularly and do not prepare starting teams the chances are you will get a lot of NMF’s, Injuries and suspensions and you will end up with players being put in the wrong positions. Also if you are not active this means you will not be a part of the transfer market and could miss out on some good buys for your team.

I hope this thread is helpful and I will be happy to receive good and constructive feedback.

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