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Introducing Myself

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Salaam'alaikum (Peace be upon you)

Im new to SM, Im 22 and am a big Man Utd fan born and bred in Manchester

After seeing there were no new Man Utd teams available Ive taken Ajax Amsterdam in World Championship 1637, my aim is to spend as little as possible in this first season and build on our current finances for the future and maybe bring through one or two prospects whilst maintaining a mid-table position and avoiding relegation.

Ive played Championship Manager & Football Manager for around a decade and had many glorious era's at Man Utd but my biggest achievement was with Real Madrid winning 8 La Liga's in a row plus 3 Champions Leagues and countless other trophies as well as Castilla (B Team) winning 8 Segunda Division's in a row during a 2 player game where I won no less than 10 Titles and 29 Cups in 13 seasons With 3 Clubs.

Thats a little about me, Feel free to IM me or add me to your SM friends for friendlies/transfers or chat maybe in the future.

All the best


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Re: Introducing Myself

Welcome Football Mangement was Never the Same After CM 01/02 Was it ? ;)

Untilo SM (of Course) :P

ALTOUGH New Manager Games I HEARD, Are Ok Yet i've Never Really Tried Any.

Are they a new Ajax Team? I always Think Its Better To Start Of With a New Team.

Use the Player Ratings & Talent Scout Section To You Advantage & Get A Head Start On Ya NoN Forum using League Managers ;)

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Re: Introducing Myself

Thanks for the welcomez guys...

There are a few good PC manager games out there, obviously FM's the one though, Yeah the old ones had sumthin to them, Was playing CM2 the other day, Pallister and Brucey! lol

Yep, its a fresh team, i waited around for 4 days tryna get Man U, but as soon as they create a league, Div 1 full so i settled with Ajax

Ill check out the forums :)

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