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Sheffield United Squad worth £320M available now!


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I've just noticed with amazement that Sheffield United are available in English Championship 282. I've been in this league with Aston Villa since the start and John Waddington has built up this team with a lot of quality coaching.

This squad is worth £320M and has some amazing talent, 89 players in total including:

- Shunin 21/87

- Arbeloa

- Mikel

- Hamsik

- Rakitic

- Mancini

- Ben Arfa

- Sestak

- Bojan Krkic

- Dos Santos

- Cavani

- De Silvestri

And others, well worth signing up with this side i'd have thought.

First come first served.

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Re: Sheffield United Squad worth £320M available now!

I have decided to take on the Sheffield. Thanks for the heads up Bestpay.

They have some great talent and will try to sign any big youth players you havent signed already in the next few days.

But I do believe that there isnt a player in the world you havent signed :eek: 289 players!

Unbelieveable stuff!

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