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Ruud-17 is here !!!

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Re: Ruud-17 is here !!!


Good day all' date='

Im not new to SM,playing the game for 6 months now, but i thought i should introduce myself since not many know me coz im not active in chatroom.

I was wondering how u pople who know my game a little rate me ? [/b']

Hi Ruud mate. I know a bit about u and ur team. U have marseille in EC 50. U r the defending champs. And o i just beat u on Saturday. :P

Yup thats right i'm madrid. :D

Anyway enought of that. Welcome to the forum. And best o luck. :D

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Re: Ruud-17 is here !!!

Urm...Hes Been Here AsLong As Me:confused: :o:rolleyes:

Anyway' date=' you should know the rules because youve been here long enough[/quote']

well....i have been here for some time but not so much invovled in forum, that is why i wanted to introduce meself properly......

The clubs im managing

Real Madrid(What if?)

Juventus(Kevche's league1964)

Marsielle(EC 50)

FC Dallas(MLS League)

Ajax(Dreamer's dream)

Fc Schalke(ESS League)

Boca Juniors(Sports board)

and in every setup i either won my league or winning(if in progress)

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