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OPTA stats for the premiership for the year 2007

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I've just come across an article displaying the OPTA stats for the year 2007 (that's Jan 2007-Dec 2007). Some interesting discussion points arise:

Man Utd won the most games (25 out of 37) expected I suppose

Wigan lost most (22 out of 38) what happened to the team which had such a great first season in the premiership?

Fulham drew 16 games :eek:nearly half their games

Arsenal won most games at home - 16 games fortress Emirates?

Chelsea had best record away 11 wins and 4 draws

Bolton and Wigan conceded most goals - 66 are they the worst defences in the premiership?

Man Utd. and Tottenham scored most 73 Are they the best attacks?

Tottenham's 38 games yielded 136 goals nearly 4 goals a game - does this make Tottenham the most exciting/nailbiting team to support?

Fulham did not win a game away from home and got less points away than Watford and Charlton who only played half the number of games :eek:

Arsenal hit the woodwork most times 15 but Rob Hulse hit the woodwork 5 times single-handedly difference between staying up and going down?

Liverpool hit most long-range shots Does this mean Liverpool found most difficulty in finding goals through more traditional means?

Liverpool conceded no goals from long-range but Tottenham conceded 18 goals A reflection on the respective keepers/defences?

Robbie Keane was the most prolific goal socrer with 19 goals whilst Kevin Doyle scored most headed goals (7) Future bright for the Irish?

Christiano Ronaldo had most shots - 113 shots

Cesc Fabregas got most assists (14) and made most passes (2238)

David Bentley made most crosses (281)

West ham conceded 582 fouls but Kevin Davies managed 82 fouls singlehandedly commitment for cause/crossing the line?

Mikel Arteta was fouled most (110 times) due to quality of the player or another reason?

Bolton were shown 81 yellow cards whilst most red cards were collected by Blackburn (8) Is the dirty team(s) tag justified?

Nicky Butt got most yellows as a player - 13

Marcus Hahnemann was the busiest keeper making 139 saves

Plenty to discuss and ponder here! Remember I am simply a messenger and have not made any statements apart from facts and am just posing questions. So Don't accuseme of bias :)

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