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AC Milan fan is here - Be scared

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Hi people.

I'm Besfort from Kosovo, 20 years old, and a die-hard Milan fan since i started watching football.

I've been reading this forum a while now, and guess what ? today it's a special day for me, and all of you -> I decided to register, and become a legend himself. :D

I see that here are really nice forum leaders (Administrators), and that pushed me a bit to join this wonderful Forum.

I've been a forum administrator of my favorite team a long time, but had to close it since, no one could afford Google Adwords. :P

Well that's about it. 'Will keep you informed if something new comes up !



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Re: AC Milan fan is here - Be scared

Greetings' date=' welcome to the forums!, remember, read the rules![/quote']

I always do that. ;)

You need to find Dan Payne' date=' hes an AC fan too, and also welcome to the forums[/quote']

That name looks familiar to me... Maybe I know him.

Welcome to the forum' date=' also your going to get beat next week when you face the mighty arsenal[/quote']

Yea, we never had success with English teams, did we ?

A good friend of me had a dream about the game, which ended 0:1 for us, with a Pato's late goal. May sound stupid, but I'm gonna bet some good cash on that score. :)

hello and welcome to the forum.

Have fun and doint break any rules.

Also the most important thing to remember is


Thanks for the welcome.

That score is the only history for you guys, I'm glad for it.

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Re: AC Milan fan is here - Be scared

Lol Nathan

Welcome to the forums buddy must say I enjoyed that result also but I am a Milan to but Celtic is in the heart more. I also like Inter aswell as Roma but shh I try keep that quiet.

My advice to you is don't read any rules as you would probably have better things to do.

Just use common sense but also remember rules are there to be broken aswell or the world wouldn't balance out right :D

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Re: AC Milan fan is here - Be scared

Hey Besfort,

Welcome to the forums :) Look forward to debates and discussions with you on the Milan thread.

I used to be a member of a Milan forum but didnt have the time in the end and I found that most discussions was about hopefull signings because Milan are rather personal on that front but were leave it to the Milan thread. :D

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