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Latin America's Best 11 according to El País


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Every year Uruguayan newspaper El País chooses Latin America's best 11 as well as best player based on the votes of specialized of journalists. There's a couple problems with this list. The first problem is that a player must play in Latin America the whole year. Since the European season starts in the middle of the year there are many players who get excluded from the team because they move to Europe. For example I thought Riquelme and Ze Roberto were the best players of the Copa Libertadores 2007, but none of them is elegible for this year's team. The other problem is that because of the voters it's usually biased towards Spanish speaking players. With the Latin American rating changes coming next week I though I'd post 2007's team.

GK:--------------------------Guillermo Ochoa (América)

Defenders: Hugo Ibarra (Boca Juniors) Paulo Da Silva (Toluca) Claudio Morel Rodríguez (Boca Juniors)

Midfielders: Fernando Belluschi (River Plate) Ever Banega (Boca Juniors) Jorge Valdivia (Palmeiras) Diego Valeri (Lanús)

--------------------------Carlos Villanueva (Audax Italiano)

Attackers:------Radamel Falcao García (River Plate) Salvador Cabañas (América)

Player of the year: Salvador Cabañas (América)

The following are the players who still play in Latin America and will get their ratings reviewed:

Guillermo Ochoa (América, age: 22, rating: 90): He had a great year in which he established himself as Mexico's No. 1 and took his team to the final of the Copa Sudamericana. He already has a very high rating but I wouldn't be surprised to see him increase up to 91.

Hugo Ibarra (Boca Juniors, age: 33, rating: 90): He won the Copa Libertadores and got a call to Argentina's national team. I'm not to crazy about him as I see him having more trouble defending every day, but he's probably the best RB in Argentina. I think his rating will stay the same.

Paulo Da Silva (Toluca, age: 28, rating: 87): To be honest I can't say much about him. He does have a low rating compared to the other players in this list so he's probably due for an increase.

Claudio Morel Rodríguez (Boca Juniors, age: 30, rating: 89): He's a regular for Boca Juniors and also for his national team. He's a solid and versatile player and also pretty good at taking free kicks. I think his rating will stay the same.

Jorge Valdivia (Palmeiras, age: 24, rating: 89): From what I've heard he's a pretty good player, but we better get Yuri to tell us about him.

Diego Valeri (Lanús, age: 21, rating: 87): In my opinion he was the best player of last year's Apertura, in which Lanús won it first league title. He will definitely get an increase. It should either be up to 89 or 90. My opinion is that he should get up to 90 as Sand will definitely increase up to 90 and it would be unfair if another Lanús player had a higher rating.

Carlos Villanueva (Audax Italiano, age: 22, rating: 89): He lead Audax Italiano to a fantastic season in which they came just short of the title and was elected the best player in Chile. He also got a call to Chile's national team, although he still isn't part of the starting team. He scores an amazing amount of goals and recently was the key player for Audax Italiano in reaching the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. His team eliminated Chico, scoring 4 goals and he got a goal and 2 assists. If Humberto Suazo got a 90 while playing for Colo Colo I think he deserves a 90 as well.

Radamel Falcao García (River Plate, age:22, rating: 88): People had doubts whether or not he would regain his level after a serious injury. His performances in the Clausua weren't really encouragin but he played really well in the 2nd half of the year scoring important goals in the Apertura and the Copa Sudamerina as well as earning a spot in Colombia's national team after having missed out of the Copa América. I think he deserves a 89.

Salvador Cabañas (América, age: 27, rating: 90): He was in great form last year. He was the top scorer of the Copa Libertadores, made it to the final of the Copa Sudamericana and relegated Cardozo (rated 90 in SM) to the bench of Paraguay's national team, who are currently at the top of the table in South America's World Cup Qualifying Tournament. On top of that he was elected as Latin America's player of the year. I think he deserves an increase up to 91.

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Re: Latin America's Best 11 according to El País

Great work there m8 in letting everyone know that. I know i wouldn't have seen it so nice one. I would have thought Giancarlo Maldonado and Alfredo Moreno would have had a good chance of making it though,as they have been on fire. The same with Sand and German Denis.

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Re: Latin America's Best 11 according to El País

The following are the players who still play in Latin America and will get their ratings reviewed:

Belluschi plays for Olympiakos, so he didn't bother talking about him because Belluschi won't be reviewed in the coming rating changes mate - Greece was done a few weeks back.

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