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I'm finally here

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Hello to everyone , Man Utd and general football fan here ,since i found this site about 8 months ago every spare minute i get on the laptop im here ,i have 3 teams and i control my girlfriends 2 teams , (Which i use as an excuse when shes moaning at me for not writing my wedding speech ,which is 4 weeks away)

I'd like to point out that none of mine or my girls teams are in the same setups because i need a challenge not like all you cheating buggars out there. (Wheres the fun in that)

Started with Fiorentina in WC 750 D2 bottom of league and took them to 2nd place and secured promotion.

Decided to leave that team for bigger things and a few more quid in the kitty.

Since reading the forums and finding out how to get a good team in a new setup ive taken control of Dortmund ,Sevilla and Chelsea (Dortmund because they had £195 mil !!!!!!!)

My girls teams are Inter and Barcelona currently top of league unbeaten 8 games in.

Well enough about me ,I'll just say that this is THE BEST MANAGER GAME anywhere in the world wide web

Keep up the good work and im sure youll here from me again.:D

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