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"Use the search tool" - is getting boring

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OK I know this is a necessary part of the forum and it is our role to guide people, so that we don't get repeated threads. A lot of people use this very appropriately and are consistent in their use of this and I'm sure we are happy for them to continue. also repeated offenders must be told.

What is annoying me is the number of people who are saying this to others, only for them to then go on to make repeated threads themselves. The worst example of this was today when someone told someone to "use the search tool next time" only for that same person him/herself make a thread where they clearly had not used the search tool.

There seem to ba a larger and larger number of people saying this, but who are then forgetting to use the search tool themselves. My advice is those who wish to say this:

1) confirm that there is actually a thread before related to the subjest. Don't just say it.

2) remember to use the search tool yourself. If your prepared to dish it out, you also must live by the same rules.

3) Be understanding towards people making posts for the first time. sometimes a PM rather than a public telling-off could be better in these cases.

Of course it is important to keep the forum running without to many repeated threads. But show some empathy towards others before you make such statements. Sometimes "use the search tool" is put in a very disrespectful manners. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself comes to mind.

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Guest melbguy1

Re: "Use the search tool" - is getting boring

From now on please use the search tool, a similar thread has been posted here https://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=19726 :D

lol.. am just being a smartarse now... I fully agree with what you said there mate.. It was getting to the point where it was just a default answer for some people.

If your gonna say 'use the search tool' then at least provide a link to the previous threads that your talking about, and also READ the threads, just because the threads have similar titles does not mean they are talking about the same thing.

i.e A X player scout thread is different to a well constructed arguement as to why X should increase/decrease. imo anyway.

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