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A player alteration; unfair? Your Opinions?

Dave Leigh

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I pointed out that there were two players called Raffaele BIANCO on the EC1 database.

I bought Raffaele BIANCO for my Bolton team a couple of months ago from Juventus as I had been scouting him and heard he is a future international for Italy.

This season Juventus loaned him to Piacenza to gain first team experience.

The 'second' Bianco that was added at Piacenza at a later date, I logged in this morning to find that my Raffaele BIANCO had been chenged to some Belgian plater who I had never heard of called Radja NAINGGOLAN !!!!!!!!!!

So my hot italian prospect has been replaced by some nomark Belgian.

This is not fair play and is out of order (whoever did that)

My Bianco should be restored to me and Radja NAINGGOLAN should be placed back at Piacenza...that is fair don't you think?

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