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New Setup " Top 20 "

Tudor 08

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Re: New Setup " Top 20 "


there was a change in plan with the setup but its on track now.

sorry i didnt make it sooner but my nan has been unwell and in hospital and i wanted to spend time with her, which im surre you all will understand.

the setup will be made 5:30 am tuesday and i will post the passwords out when i get home from school which is around 4pm GMT if any of you want to apply for a club or want to withdraw please let me know but i promise it will be made tomorow i have paid and it is been processed thing.


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Re: New Setup " Top 20 "

Hi' date='

im goin to make a new setup as my first one went kind of belly up from people been unactive.

Im going to ask forumers to join my setup as they tend to remain active more.

If any of you would like to join or have ideas for the setup please just ask, i will greatly appreciate it.

Il make the setup at 7:30 pm GMT 21/02/08, and will make a transfers and match reports thread to.

I was going to make a big team league but would like your ideas please, ty.

[center']Division 1.[/center]

1. Chelsea - son of pluto

2. Arsenal - Nathan Williamson

3. Liverpool - mrniceguy

4. Manchester United - Sheva20

5. Real Madrid - Premiership

6. Barcelona - or Me

7. Valencia -

8. Inter - Luke lufc

9. Milan - Kevin

10. Juventus -

Divison 2.

1. Roma -

2. Atletico -

3. Man City -

4. Everton

5. Tottenham -

6. Lyon -

7. Villareal -

8. Bayern -

9. Porto

10. Sevilla

like i said if you have any ideas please say, i dont really want to do a big team setup again. And i want to do something new

I'll Have Tottenham

Name On SM: Umm I Have Lots But I Can't Remember Any

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