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Detailed guide for beginners, how to play SM.

Guest F.C. Internazionale Milano

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Guest F.C. Internazionale Milano

I have decided to write a detailed guide for newcomers on how to play SM

Signing up

To sign up for SM follow these instructions-

1)Go to this site - http://www.soccermanager.com/register.php.

2)Fill in your details (there is no age requirement to play SM, please make sure that you type in your correct e-mail address, as you will have to confirm

your e-mail address to activate your account and start playing)

3)Agree to the terms and conditions and register for free.

4)Go to your e-mail inbox to activate you account, check your junk folder as the e-mail might be in it.

5)Once activated you are ready to play SM.

Getting started

1)At 1st you will find yourself with a page which lets you enter your e-mail address and password, so you can tell your friends to join SM, there is also a link to the select club page, click on it, (you can change your preferences on your profile page)

2)Once at the club select page, you will be prompted with many choices of setups to take part in -

SoccerManager.com have created a number of setup types for you to control a team in, English Championship, European Championship and World Championship. If you are new to the game we suggest you play in one of the following setups to familiarise yourself with the game.

English Club Championship

This setup type is based on the current real life English League structure with all four English Leagues and 80 professional Clubs. If you decide to play this setup type you will have the choice to manage one English club from the available teams. This is providing the club you wish to manage isn’t already managed by another person within your chosen setup.

European Club Championship

This game setup contains the top 24 clubs from around Europe and splits them into three divisions with 8 clubs in each division. The setup also contains a Euro Championship Cup.

World Club Championship

This setup type is the most popular. It contains the top 80 clubs from around the World. They are split into four divisions with 20 clubs in each division. The setup also contains two cups the World Championship Cup and World Championship Shield.


Each season there will be two cup competitions in each of the different setups that run throughout the season, (Euro champs have only one cup competition, while a owner of a custom setup can choose to have a cup competition or not)

Custom Setups

Gold Members can create and control their own custom setups deciding the format and clubs managable in the setup. These setups have various formats and teams and are available to all managers. However, many of these setups are buddy leagues and private setups.

Gold Setups

Gold Setups are the premier setups created for Gold Members only! They include all major World Clubs split into 12 geographical leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Scotland, Holland & Belgium, Russia & Ukraine, Mediterranean, Latin America, Central Europe, Scandinavia). As well as domestic cup competitions they also include an International Champions Cup and an International Runners-Up Cup.

info from SM

I recommend starting with an english champ or world champ, i strongly advise that you should not take part in custom setups unless the setup owner is one of your friends.

3)Say if you support Boca juniors and you want to manage them just type in "boca junors" into the club search tool, you will be shown all boca juniors avaliable, when you have made your choice click "take control of club".

4)If you want a "big", brand new team e.g barcelona you will have to look every hour at the club select screen, if there is a new setup being made you will find out by looking at the total WC's, EC's etc

e.g - Say if in total 1000 WC's have been made, but in the total WC's shown it says 1001 WC's have been made then you know that a new setup is being made, so type in 1001 into the "Search enter the Setup Number" tool. Then click on the 1001, then just keep on refreshing the page until the setup is made which will take around 2 mins, its hard to explain so i hope you understand how to get a good team.

Sorting out you team

1)Once your team has been chosen, you will need to sort out your team.

2)First access your teams squad page and deal with contracts and transfer listing players. You can also sort players into your youth squad (only players under 21 can be put into your youth squad)

3)Make sure you have at least 2 players in each position for your squad.

4)To sort out your tactics click on the tactics link, to pick your players drag players onto the shirts, to pick your formation click on the different choices.

for more tactical help visit -



5)Games are played at least twice a week for your full Schedule click on the Schedule link.

6)To find out your avaliable funds click on the finances link.

Buying players

1)Click on the transfer list to see the players that are avaliable, if you want a player click on the player and make a bid.

2)You can also search for certain players using the search tool.

3)A transfer will be completed by 8 AM after the bid has been accepted.

4)External teams will accept any deals above chairman value.

5)A player can be loaned out until the end of the season.

6)All transfer news will be sent to your club messages so be sure to check your messages regularly.


1)You are allowed to have more than one account but you are NOT allowed to have 2 teams in 1 setup.

2)If you have any questions send a ticket to SM - http://www.soccermanager.com/support.php?action=create&category=Support

Gold memebership - http://www.soccermanager.com/shop.php?action=goldmembership12

Standard setup - http://www.soccermanager.com/shop.php?action=standardsetup


1)To add a friend, go to your friends profile and click on "Add to Friends"

2)You can also buy your friend a standard setup or custom setup.

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