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Liverpool VS Middlesborough

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Re: Liverpool VS Middlesborough

I enjoy all aspects of Football but liverpool rule good post

Please tell me how this is a good post?

Hes new and your friend, i will let you know punisher, dont make pointless threads okay mate:) ....

Anyway kevin, this is not a "Good Post".. its pointless.. if this is a "Good Post" then i should be 11 Rep Power:o

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Re: Liverpool VS Middlesborough

Well maybe we could turn it into a good thread.....

Torres was brilliant, thought Liverpool were poor until Arca gifted Torres the first goal, his second was brilliant, and i have no idea why Schwarzer is way out of his box for the third ???

Aliadiere was unlucky to be sent off, seemed like there was nothing in it, just him and Mascherano had a coming together, both were as guilty as each other, don't know why the referee can't see that football is a contact sport and players want to win and sometimes tackles can get a bit heated, if anything just have a word with both, but i wouldn't be surprised if that red card was overturned.

Liverpool played a big game in the week and Benitez kept the same team that played Inter apart from Arbeloa in for Carragher (suspended). But they'll be glad to get this game over with...

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