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Official Newcastle United Thread

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Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

Yeah' date=' i think everyone has been the same with Marveaux - No one quite knows what happened. It seems to be a running joke on the fanzine's on Twitter if anyone has found Sylvain yet? Lol.

I've seen him pull out some brilliant passes in the games he's played for us and at times, whilst not looking as direct as Ben Arfa, he certainly seems to possess similar technical ability.[/quote']

I would also like to think that the departure of Cabaye, along with the threat of new faces being brought in would give the fringe players the impetus to push for slot vacated by Cabaye. Surely the players you have mentioned should be busting a gut to prove themself to Pardew that they warrant a place in the starting line up.

I will be intrigued to see how he starts tonight, I would like to think it will be 4-2-3-1 with Ben Arfa playing behind Remy.

I to am not sold on De Jong, would be nice for him to start in a blaze of glory, sometimes players need a move to kick start there career again and I hope this is the case with him, I have not heard anything today regarding the Grenier rumour either, no news is good news........unless you are a toon fan.

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I honestly do not know where our points are going to come from, we need to pick up points desperately. Newcastle do not deserve to be where they are, no matter who you support yo can not say that Newc

Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread northern rock are still continuing to sponsor newcastle?????? pretty sure adidas would have tried to keep newcastle as they've probably been a nice earner for them

Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I dont mind getting beat, you were the better side. But atleast buy a striker who can score some decent goals, like seriously

Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

Well i mean' date=' De Jong might have the best stage of all to announce himself.

The Derby.

I cannot stop singing the Cabaye song. Sung to James Blunt's song.

Cabaye my lover.

Cabaye my friend.

Yohan been the one.

Yohan been the one for me. :([/quote']

Speaking of Cabaye songs, when is the riot?

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Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

As good as we've been I'm really disappointed that we're not in the lead. Did Hatem's chance near the end of the half take a bobble right in front of him? It seemed to. I'll let him off though as he's made some brilliant through balls to set up other chances.

Sammy has been class. I've always rated him but we may see him coming of age.

Remy is a bit predictable so far. He had two chances from turning or cutting onto his right foot from the left and he shifts the ball from one foot to the other so quick its understandable why he tries it over and over but its being read every attempt after those first two. Otherwise, his movement and touch have been good.

As suggested, Norwich will have a spell of pressure so we should really have the lead by now to ease my jumpiness slightly. :o. I can't see us missing as many chances as that if we keep creating in this second half.

Come on!

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Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

Only got a stream from 30 minutes onwards but was keeping up to date on Twitter before that.

Seemed like we started very brightly and haven't let us. Sammy has been fantastic in the first half and he needs to use this to put forward his case for more cases.

Ben Arfa's miss was awful but like you said Dai, i think it took a bobble so I'll let him off.

We need to kill teams off though. It's one attribute we seem to lack more than any other. We could have been out of sight at the half.

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Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

We won't miss him for the next three games though like Remy. De Jong will have to hit the ground running with Cisse out injured. Shola should start against the ol' enemy on Saturday though.

Cisse really injured or are we afraid to play him in case a bid comes in?

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