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daginators super league

Daginator MCFC

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hey guys, i recently purchased a custom setup, it is my third custom setup so i have a little experiance in these things, i have made like this:


-no buying from unmanaged clubs (untill i say so)

-no cheating

-be active

-have fun

-dnt just join a team and then quit.

- no buying from external clubs untill i say so (to give every1 a chance)


-3 divisions

-10 teams in each div

-2 promotion/relegation places

-each division will be filled up with just teams from one country (div 1-english team, div 2- spanish, div 3 - italian)

please state what teams you want heres the list of teams:

division1 :

1.arsenal - kingwaq


3.chelsea - tomowen

4.liverpool - snowy4liverpool

5.man city

6.man united - watlw



9.aston villa


division 2:

1. barcelona - mr nice guy

2. real madrid - mad leprachon

3. atletico madrid

4. sevilla

5. zaragoza

6. valencia

7. villerreal

8. espanyol

9. racing santander

10. almeria

division 3:

1. milan - lil_kick_kid

2. inter - me

3. fiorentina

4. roma

5. udinese

6. sampdoria

7. palermo

8. atlanta

9. genoa

10. juventus

please ask for teams and il accept you and il send you the password wen it is made. it is currently being made by soccer manager

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