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Derby County Open Invitation

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Thought this would be the best place to put it here is the challenge to take a Derby County In A New English Championship and keep them in the Premiership Division 1, i take part in many English Championships as they are a great place to get good local squads. Well back to the challenge i recently took a Derby County in English Championship 850 and found out how much work they need yet a got them from average 85rt to 89rt and stand 16th in the league (BETTER THAN BOTTOM) But just beat Manchester United and Chelsea, i hope that the managers will take this up as this is a good idea and a tough challenge so here it is

- Stay In The Premiership

- Have a Positive Buget

- Point Base Over 10

Good Luck And Please Please Take This Challenge.. Post how your doing on the thread :D

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Re: Derby County Open Invitation

I've taken one, I'll announce where tomorrow once i've made my first few signings as I don't want anyone taking who I want :rolleyes::D I've been left with a budget of 18.5 million and the only signings that were made by the previous manager were Andrew Davis (85) and Ritchie Jones (76)

As expected most of the big players have already gone, but plenty of decent players have been exchanged to teams like Barca, ( i'll swoop for some of those in April when their bans are up :D) but that doesn't concern me too much, as most of the players i'll be signing will 86-89 risers for around the time of the Dutch, German and French leagues, maybe with a luxury player if funds can afford it. I'm also going to try not to sign players over 25 unless there is someone that fits in well enough for the team.

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