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Gold Membership Swap!!

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Yesterday I became a new member of soccermanager and a goldmember so my rep is now 41.

But still the people who own the league i want to get in will not let me in there league because me rep is 41.

So anybody who has a rep above 45 and would like to swap accounts please sent me a pm.

N.B I have 365 days left on my account!!

Cheers JibbaJabba

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Re: Gold Membership Swap!!

I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that. Your Rep is based on how long you have been playing the game and managing teams. So even if you swapped Gold memberships wit someone your rep would still be 41. At least that's what I believe would be the case :confused:

The only way to get your rep up (currently) is to wait for each Saturday when it automatically goes up by 1.

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Re: Gold Membership Swap!!

Problem is if someone gives you their account they are giving you their teams as well. You would be doing the same.

Even if you 'agree' to swap teams, thats a big risk for both parties.

I really wouldn't recommend swapping accounts, just wait, or join a different setup. If the criteria for getting in your desired setup is 45 that is not exactly high so you are probably not missing much anyway. Loads of good custom setups ran by forumers with no rep entry limit. :)

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