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hey guys me and mate (Mad Lerechon) have started a challenge and i think that it would be a good idea to post it on here so here it is:

me and mad leprecohn are both sheffields and we are seeing who can do the best, anyone is welcome to join us, this will be used for transfers, match reports ect...

everyone competing:

Me - United - EC 960

Mad Leprechaun - Wednesday - EC 960

Kevin - Wednesday - EC

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Josh Dagnall signed as United manager!

Josh Dagnall today confirmed that he is the new Sheffield United manager, heres his coments:

I think that we will make the premiership quite easily this year and if not we will definately get there next year, i have my eye on a few good players and i have been in negoiations with some but i will not reveil anything untill transfers have completed as my rival manager (Mad Leprechon) might try to urge them to Wednesday instead. Oh and anouther major goal is to defeat Sheffield Wednesday.

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Sheffield Wednesday announce new manager

Sheffield Wednesday have sacked Brian Laws after he fell out with the chairman.The new manager is Daniel Murphy.Daniel Murphy is excited about being the manager and is already bringing in some new faces such as Stefan Wessels of everton for just £3M.There has been other offers for players but Daniel Murphy is not going to mention them until the deals are accepted.There has also been some loan deals put in for players also.The chairman has given Daniel Murphy a bit over 20 million to spend and Daniel will use as much as he needs of it.There will be more from Daniel tomorrow.

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

if people want i can try get a sheffield united or sheffield wednesday for them while there offline and when they come online pm me and i'l quit them and you can have the team.Hopefully this challenge will attract alot of people just like the QPR one did.

Daniel Murphy announces target for this season.

I am hoping to bring in at least 4 or 5 new faces.I want to get promotion and manage to beat my biggest rival Joz da Prom.He is a quality manager and i would like to see at the end of the season that i have won the league and he his bottom of the table as he is a rival.Best of luck to him cause he will need it when he faces off against me.

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Sheffield Wednesday bring in 3 new faces

New manager Daniel Murphy has brought in 3 new faces to Sheffield Wednesday they are Stefan Wessels,dos Santos Giovani and Chris Eagles.Chris Eagles has been brought in on loan.Sheffield Wednesday have just put loan bids in for Ishmael Miller off West Brom and Luke Moore off Aston Villa.Sadly Pato has joined West Brom instead and Daniel Murphy has said that it will be a big mistake and that he should of joined Sheffield Wednesday.The new manager wants to bring in at least 3 or 4 new faces with the £11M left for transfers.Sheffield Wednesday has just put bids in for Chris Brunt and Martin Lanig and is sure to bring them in by tomorrow.

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Sheffield United news (EC 960)

Transfers In:

-Luis Suarez - 5.3m, p/e - rated 89, age: 21

-Miguel Cervasco - 1.35m, p/e - rated: 85, age: 21

-Kurtulus Serdar - 2.7m, p/e - rated: 86, age: 20

line up:





I have an 8m budget left and i plan to bring in maybe a winger and posably a CM or CB. But so far i have focused on young players

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

3 More faces arrive at Hillsborough

Daniel Murphy is delighted to announce that he has managed to bring in 3 more players to help his chances of promotion with Sheffield Wednesday.These players are Chris Brunt for £5M,Franco Di Santo from Chelsea has been brought in on loan and Luke Moore from Aston Villa on loan also.Tomorrow there will be a press conference showing off these players and the other players signed yesterday.Also tomorrow will see Martin Lanig arrive for £2M plus Lee Grant and Leon Clarke.

There was an offer of £3,015,000 put in for Ac Milan Legend Fillippo Inzaghi but then Lecister City made an undisclosed offer and is sure to be more than what Sheffield Wednesday have offerd.

When these deals are all done then i will have £4M to spend on a defender.

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

On Come the Brazilians!!!!!!!

Today the signings of Jose Leonardo, Jose Elton and Martin Galvan were completed. Josh Dagnall decided a good thing to help the club would be to bring in some brazilian class so he offrered for the 21 year old brazilliansm, Jose Leonardo and Jose Elton. Martin Galvan was also signed for a fee of 20k! The 15 year old is a regular at Cruz Azul and is a sure one for the future.

More news:

Cervasco has already had a rating increase after only one day at Sheffield. He went from 85 - 86. Not the biggest increase but every bit helps.

Transfers IN:

-Martín GALVAN, £25k, Cruz Azul

-José LEONARDO, £4.1M & Chris LUCKETTI, Santos

-José ELTON, £0k & Stephen QUINN & David CARNEY, Al Nasr

-Kurtulus SERDAR, £2.7M & Billy SHARP & Jon STEAD, Besiktas

-Luis SUAREZ, £5.3M & Luton SHELTON & Michael TONGE, Ajax

-Miguel CEVASCO, £1.3M & Danny WEBBER & Lee MARTIN, Universitario de Deportes

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Inzaghi moves to Wednesday

In a shock move today saw Italian legend Filippo Inzaghi join Sheffield Wednesday for just £3M.Daniel Murphy has said that he never really goes for old players but he feels having Inzaghi will only help us get promoted.

I have £1.3M left and it will go on young players.

This is set to be my strongest starting 11:





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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Sheffield United welcome Simmons!!

Rookie manager Scott Simmons takes over the Sheffield United hot-seat today in place of Kevin Blackwell who was fired early yesterday morning, 1 day before the new season kicks off.

Simmons has stated that he is looking forward to the challenge of building a respectable squad and hopefully firing The Blades to promotion to Division 1, blunting the Owls on the way. ;):D

Here's Sheffield United's first five fixtures that start tomorrow:

(H) Preston North End

(A) Burnley

(A) Crystal Palace

(H) Southampton

(A) Coventry City

He has already targeted a few possible signings and who he plans to sell as the new Sheffield United era begins here.....

Watch this space for any signings and my latest results!

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Re: 'battle of sheffield'

Simmons signs 6 players in first full day!!

Andrés Vinueza was the first player to move to Sheffield United for a transfer fee of £2 million from Oldemo.

El Yaagoubi Moha was the 2nd signing for new manager Scott Simmons when he joined Sheffield United from Espanyol for £0 plus David Carney and Stephen



Maksim Shatskikh was next up for Bramall Lane and completed his move to Sheffield United from Dynamo Kyiv for £3.1 million plus Luton Shelton..


Joaquin Beltran has became the 4th signing for Sheffield United from Cruz Azul for £4 million..

Edgar Gonzalez becomes the fifth signing as he completed his move to Sheffield United this afternoon from Estudiantes for £2.1 million plus Nick Montgomery..

Patrick Barul has been snapped up by Sheffield United to make it Simmons' SIXTH signing in his first full day in the job, when he signed from Nice for £3 million plus Danny Webber.

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