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RM needed - Ratings


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Hey there people, this is my current WBA squad :

Kameni (91)

Hart (86)

Sagna (91) Garay (91) Zapata (90) Chiellini (91)

Hutton (89) Thiago Silva (89) Caceres (88) Marcelo (89)

Bentley-loan (90) Toure (92) Kallstrom (91) Riera (91)

Rosina (90) Flamini (90) Nocerino (89) Valeri (89)

Pandev (92) Benzema (91)

Lavezzi (90) Pato (87)

other players I have:

Ivanovic - 88

Crespo - 85

Dawson - 89

Rothen - 90

Hamsik - 88

De La Red - 87

Guthrie - 85

Eboue - 89

De Ceglie - 85

Trejo - 83

Cerci - 82

Krkic - 87

I am willing to trade some of my other players, i am looking for a RM..im considering raising the cash to buy Bentley but i would still like another RM...2 Ive been looking at are Guttierrez and Pablo Ledesma (both 90)...which one would be worth buying and is either of them due an increase?

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Re: RM needed - Ratings

bentley wud be a gud buy imo. otherwise try rakitic or arda turan. both wingers both both soon to be 90+ 88 and 89 atm but will be big soon. villaluz is a RM rated 88 and will take longer to be a star, still playing in mexico at the moment but if he gets a move to europe he will be gud

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