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Angelo Balanta


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Angelo Balanta is a Colombian player who currently plays for QPR.

The 17 year old winger is highly rated at Q.P.R. and is the latest talent to break through the youth set up at Loftus Road.

He's is regarded as a Colombian sensation and tipped for bigger things in the future.

QPR's youth team manager Steve Brown hailed the impact made by teenage striker Angelo Balanta at Loftus Road.

"He's the most natural player I've worked with and this is a great club for him to ply his trade.

"He just has this unique ability to be able to drift into the box at the right time.

"He can hurt people, because once he's got the ball at his feet he's absolutely devastating."

Angelo Balanta made his debut for the team on 04/12/2007 as a sub.

He scored his first goal against Sheffield Utd.

His stats for this season are :-

3 Starts , 1 Sub , 1 Goal.

He is on the DB and rated 70 , so he's a 10K riser;)

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Re: Angelo Balanta

He declared publicly that he can make a bigger impact in the game than former Newcastle United star Tino Asprilla(who is also Colombian).

He said:""Asprilla was a great player but I think I can do more than him in the game".

Can be that be termed as arrogance , over confidence or self-confidence

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Re: Angelo Balanta

i cant find him

somebody help but with full info

i wrote his name they didnt find him

When searching for players on SM...u only type type the second name and not the full name. So as ahmed said type balanta. Make sure tht there is no space before the B...otherwise he wont come up....has happened to me b4:o :P

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Guest beardo

Re: Angelo Balanta

Balanta didnt start at the weekend but he started tonight in the carling cup. As i am posting, the half-time whistle has gone and this is what ive heard about Balanta in the first half:

The commentators on sky who analysise the matches said that from the starting whistle he was impressive and 5 minutes after this he scored. They said that he had a great partnership upfront with Emanuel Jorge LEDESMA who is an even better buy then this lad.

Great find though Ahmed.

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Re: Angelo Balanta

Well, nothing has really changed IMO. He is still highly regarded by QPR and is loan for experience. Most QPR fans would like to see him back at the club getting experience at a higher level, as he looked dangerous already.

I would hang on to him for now and keep tabs on him for the short term. It would be best to wait and see what Sousa thinks of his future at QPR me thinks?

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