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Division 3/4 challenge Transfer news/match reports

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Re: Division 3/4 challenge Transfer news/match reports

SPARTAK MOVSKA 2 - 4 Deportivo!

Deportivo moved to the top of the table after crashing Spartak 4 - 2 in an away thriller.

It was a great game in which Deportivo were all over the place, but they made their shots count.

More to come.Oh, and can someone tell me how to use pics on Internet Explorer?

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Re: Division 3/4 challenge Transfer news/match reports


Villa win again.

Aston Villa have picked up another well deserved win and this time it was against Galatasaray.The score was 1-0 to Villa but Villa had other chances and one of these where Mellberg blazed a shot over from 6 yards out.After 28 minutes Nigel Reo-Coker scored a spectacular goal for Villa.Carew should of had a penalty but it wasn't given.Maloney came close with a overhead kick.A few minutes later he should of scored again but his header went just wide.This win puts Villa third after five games.Olof Mellberg got man of the match.The next game is against 11th place Bordeaux in Villa Park.Villa have no cup game so will play there best team against the French team.

nigel_reo_coker.jpg(Celebrating the only goal of the game)


_41358947_aston_villa_150.gif VERSUS 100px-Girondins_bordeaux.png

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Re: Division 3/4 challenge Transfer news/match reports

well guys I am still in this with my deportivo like I said I woudlnt quit them.

They currently top the table with 29 points and have had a great season so far, playing 13 games and winning 9 of them.

So far the only people in it are Stevie and I and I feel this is very bad.

Please guys join the division back again and be commited with it.

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Re: Division 3/4 challenge Transfer news/match reports



deportivo are on great form at the moment, and after 15 games, they currently sit on 35 points, after winning 11 of those and drawing 2 and losing two.

The last match saw them travel all the way to England to face Bolton Wanderers, who were not on great form.

7.gif 0 - 3 145.gif

The match got off to an unbelievable start, chances gunning from every angle as both teams engaged themselves in a high tempo, free for all match.

the first few chances fell to Matt taylor, who balsted wide twice for the home side, but guardado had an easy chance minutes later.

He failed to take it, and almost got punished later, but two good saves by aoute didnt let nothing happen.

But then, Guardado made amends for his earlier miss when he hit a swerving shot off the post and into the net in the 30th minute!


And he nearly added to his goal a minute later when he struck the bar.

The teams trooped into the tunnel at half time, as the managers closed their notebooks and went in with them.

But Deportivo seemed too happy when the young prospect, Zarate, finished at the second attempt.


And then he rolled the ball into the net minute later when Guardado and Anyukov combined brilliantly in the build up


A deserved 3 - 0 win for the visitors, who march on towrards the league title.

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Re: Division 3/4 challenge Transfer news/match reports

Well even though everyone has left this setup, last season I stuck with my Deportivo, winning the div 3 with 89 points.

I also won the cup and shield, completeing only my second SM Treble, but by far my most prestigious to win with such a small team and beat the likes of arsenal and Real in the cup and shield and cup finals.

With 4 games left to go and 3 trophies under my belt,, I was offered a job at Sevilla in div 1, and accepted the offer, winning the 4 remaining games and moving them from 20th to 17th, escaping relegation by 2 points.

5 games into the seond season, I have won 2 games and drawn three, still in the same setup and in both cups.

I will contiue to use this sevilla, and also, there are some unmanaged teams in the div 1 such as Sttugrat and Paulo.:)

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